Jan 27, 2009

I Wanna Be A Celebrity - PRESS RELEASE

Metaverse Broadcasting Channel (MBC), pioneers of the virtual media movement have teamed with Phaylen Fairchild, creator of Second Life's first sitcom and AVENUE Magazine to create a brand new reality series to be filmed in the virtual world of Second Life™.

The six part series takes six contestants from around the globe and pits them against one another in various skill-based challenges. Each week, the contestants will meet with a Mentor, an expert in a specific field where they will learn and develop skills which they will later be judged upon.

This is the first Virtual Reality series not based upon public votes, but solely on skill development and enthusiasm for learning. At the end of each round, the winner will receive an exclusive award and one contestant will be eliminated from the competition. Skills that will be put to the test encompass most of those specific to Second Life including building, photography, performance, avatar customization, social engagement and collaboration. Along the way, they will be aided by some of Second Life's most accomplished professional’s intent on guiding them down the path to becoming a Virtual Superstar.

At the end of the six week competition, the winner will receive a development deal with MBC, an opportunity to star in their own show where their talent will be nurtured and their work celebrated. "There are so many vastly and diversely talented people out there," Fairchild said," ... And this is an opportunity to bridge the gap between the magnificent creatives out there, and the people with the ability to give them the exposure, recognition and assistance they deserve." Robustus Hax, Metaverse CEO added, "There are so many amazing people out there operating beneath the radar due to the sheer size of our world - this effort is not us saying that some people deserve a chance to be seen and heard more so than others, this is simply a fun format in which to acknowledge the efforts and foster the Second Life skills of our resident peers in a lighthearted, immersive and entertaining medium. Hopefully we manage to enrich the Second Life experience of everyone involved while we're at it. There are no real losers here."

I WANNA BE A CELEBRITY begins airing in the spring. The first rounds of auditions, which began on January 9th and will continue until February 10th, are being held at Metaverse City and are open to everyone of every shape, size, and culture. The show will be hosted by Second Life veteran and radio personality Trinity Serpentine.

METAVERSE BROADCASTING CHANNEL has been a pioneer of New Media in Second Life since 2007, and has created several highly rated series in the Second Life platform, including MBC News, Out & About with Dousa Dragonash and other shows currently in production. MBC was the official carrier of The Second Life political debate and live streaming of the Second Life Fifth Birthday opening speeches for Linden Lab.
PHAYLEN FAIRCHILD is the creator of DiVAS, Second Life's first sitcom which began its run in 2007 and is currently in its second season. She has also organized some of Second Life's primary annual events such as Day Of Remembrance, Second Life's Fifth Birthday festivities and the in-world SLCC broadcasts. She is currently directing two more series within the platform of Second Life.AVENUE MAGAZINE, launched in October 2008, is a monthly publication that is dedicated to bringing to readers the finest facets of Second Life. With a focus on highlighting the up-and-coming and current trendsetters in fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and the arts, there is a high emphasis on entertaining and informative content. AVENUE is setting a new standard for published media in virtual worlds and beyond. AVENUE is proud to announce their position as the official magazine holding exclusive rights to report the inside news, interviews and announcements of 'I Wanna Be A Celebrity'.

Jan 24, 2009

Exxess Designs - Of Vamps & Vixens - AVENUE Models

Imagine stepping onto the set of “Phantom of the Opera” meets “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and you would be forgiven for thinking ‘where’s the fashion show?’ The EXXESS Designs fashion show aptly titled “Of Vamps & Vixens” produced by AVENUE Models once again proved to be a creative and inspired partnership.Held on the 7th of December 2008, the set at Royal Dreamscape was dark, brooding and exuded Gothic romanticism, the perfect venue to showcase the latest releases from EXXESS Designs creator, Layja Vidor. Revering the darker side of feminine sexuality, AVENUE Models Georgie Lyle, Shenandoah Saintlouis, Kryptonia Paperdoll, Olyvia Zenovka, Queenie Extraordinaire, Liane Maertens. Leah McCullough, Chamonix Boudreaux and Valeria Pienaar commanded the runway to great effect.The audience was transported to a darker world and was captivated by a profusion of black velvets, lace, fishnets and leather, accessorized with tightly laced corsets, gloves, precarious stilettos and silver jewelry. “Vamps and Vixens” was an outstanding success and those present made their feelings known by the acclamation emanating from the gallery. Treated to an amazing after party hosted by DJ Diaphoni Galicia, guests and models celebrated the brilliance of Lavja Vidor’s designs.Produced and conceptualized by AVENUE Models’ CEO Rusch Raymaker in collaboration with builder and designer of Ztique, Zasa Rossini, “Vamps and Vixens” was another AVENUE triumph.For your viewing pleasure, please click on the video below to once again share in the fantasy created by AVENUE Models and EXXESS Designs.

More photo's can be viewed on Flickr

Jan 23, 2009

B! Fashion Show - Eleganza by AVENUE Models


B! Fashion and AVENUE Models proudly present Eleganza, an exciting fashion show featuring the new collection from Italian designer, Barbarella Cioc. A unique experience awaits you showcasing Italian couture at its best. Featuring some of AVENUE’s top models: Haruka Kish, Poptart Lilliehook, Olyvia Zenovka, Ivyana Szondi and Jesika Contempomi.

This is one Fashion Show not to be missed.

Featuring the new collection from B! Fashion
Sunday 25th of January 2009
1.00pm SLT
Heaven’s AVENUE at AVENUE Models

Jan 21, 2009

Avenue Models - Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid

Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid

A platform “shoe-in-foot” for Spring 09’s most progressive shoe fans.

Stiletto Moody BARE © Ingrid continues stepping on toes and shaking up the Second Life fashion shoe market. On WEDNESDAY January 21 at 8pm SLT, Bare Ingrid will debut in the Stiletto Moody Boutique. The SIM will be closed to the general public allowing “Stiletto Moody Shoes" group members a chance to preview the new release first. Join the group in world to access Stiletto Moody Island at the launch.

The Stiletto Moody Bare © range is a new foot-in-shoe range from Stiletto Moody offering a beautiful sculpted foot in a proportional high heel, with color matching systems for matching your avatar skin and size. BARE Ingrid will join the other Spring ’09 BARE styles inspired by the great movie stars of the 50's. So come and see Second Life's hottest new shoe revolution from Stiletto Moody – banishing once and for all the clumsy Second Life “Flintstone” avatar foot, welcoming a graceful foot with toes, toe rings, a choice of nail polish for every occasion, impossibly high heels, and towering grace.

Ingrid, a haute couture curved platform with bold buckled straps and studded accents features a gold and silver inlay. You choose between gold depending on your feel that night– glamour or rock star.

Ingrid is offered in 8 colors and a full all-in-one ColorSet. Added to the hit colors of Spring 09, new colors include Sand and White Leather (for that dangerous wedding). Look for the infamous Stiletto Moody Bare heart logo pressed into the “Badseed” Red undersole.

Accept no copies – don’t miss a step…
Towering heels, flattering feet, and twinkling toes…
Stiletto Moodys on you.

Impossibly high heels
Impossibly beautiful feet
Only at Stiletto Moody

Please note: Stiletto Moody Island may be closed prior to launch for setup and visitors are limited to 50 at one time to enhance your experience.

Jan 15, 2009

LeeZu! and Courtisane Enchante Fashion Show - 17th January


On Saturday, 17th January 2009, AVENUE models will grace the catwalk to bring you the LeeZu! and Courtisane Enchante Fashion Show. The new Orbiuna complex will be the scene of a major retrospecitive of the designs of LeeZu Baxter, brought right up to date with imaginative mixes and fabulously complemented by the new shoes and boots from the Courtisane range. This show is not to be missed and will feature many never before seen combinations and reinterpretations of this famous couture label plus some brand new designs. LeeZu! and Courtisane Enchante Fashion Show is organized by LeeZu! and produced by Rusch Raymaker of AVENUE Models.

Recently re-launched under the brand name LeeZu! the instantly recognizable clothing and accessories from LeeZu Baxter are noted for their complexity, femininity and creativity. The majority of LeeZu! outfits are created on multiple layers so the ability to mix and match is one of the hallmarks of this famous label.

This show will take you from the hip casual street looks to fantasy lace and silk costumes with funky gossamer wings and on to the last word in little black dresses and dramatic formal gowns. Step into a world of imagination where clothes are art ... a rainbow of sculpted, jewelled, embroidered and gilded creations which are utterly unique and utterly covetable.

This is one show you definitely don't want to miss.

Date: 17th January 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm
Venue: Orbiuna

Media is asked to RSVP for the event and arrive around 1pm to secure entry to the sim.

For further information, media enquiries and RSVP's, please contact Poptart Lilliehook (Chief Marketing Officer) of LeeZu.

Jan 10, 2009

Avenue Models - Boudoir Secrets

“An intimate affair with SL’s finest lingerie designs…the sexiest fashion show of the year”
On the 5th of December 2008, lovers of fine lingerie gathered around the most decadent and luxurious runway ever produced in SL. Akin to a huge French boudoir of black, gold, pink and green, one could not help but be seduced by the ambience of the set. Settling into comfortable sofa’s and chair’s fit for any French parlor; the visual impact was enough for the audience to know they were in for something very special. Gold gilded frames housing silhouette pictures of boudoir scenes adorned the set in addition to gold gilded cages with lingerie clad angels roosting for the audience’s enjoyment.
Photo by Tillie Ariantho.

Avenue Models are renowned for producing inspired runway shows; however, the promise of ‘the sexiest fashion show of the year’ was by no means lip service. From the moment the first Avenue supermodel appeared on stage, the audience was captivated and it was obvious from the comments emanating from the gallery that everyone was appreciating the beauty of their surroundings and the lingerie adorned models.
The designers showcased in Boudoir Secrets were Angel Dessous, Blacklace, Callie Cline, Carnal, Casa del Shai, Corrupted Innocence, Designing Nicky Ree, Insolence, Rock Me Amadeus and Ztique. Silk, lace, bows and ribbons were the order of the day with fluttering feather wings a must have accessory for many of the models.

From the purely feminine to the femme fatale, the wonderful creations ensured that there was something for everyone. The vivid blues and reds to virginal whites and pretty pinks, the range of lingerie was varied and so appealing. Even the tigers being taken for a walk on the runway by the models followed without any resistance. One of the most amazing special effects to be seen in SL, at the finale of the show, was the models who magically appeared as silhouette figures in the gold gilded frames.

Photo by Queenie Extraordinaire.

The guests attending read like a ‘who’s who’ of fashion fabulousness and their ‘bravos’ and ‘wooot wooots’ were a sure sign that they knew they had witnessed a very special event. The after party was warm and inviting as is the feature of all Avenue ‘get-together’s’ with DJ Tasty Hax spinning the perfect tunes to end a perfect evening.

Photo by Queenie Extraordinaire.

For those who were unable to attend the show, there is no need to miss out. Pick up your complimentary copy of the album at AVENUE. And if you don't want to miss out on future AVENUE events be sure to click on our subscribomatic at the lobby while you're there.

Boudoir Secrets Album

Footage of the beautiful event is also available online at the following link. Be sure to watch Boudoir Secrets at a high quality after you click through to YouTube. Indulge your senses in one of the most amazing shows you are sure to see in SL.

Jan 9, 2009

LeeZu Baxter Designs changes name



9 January 2009

LeeZu Baxter Designs changes name 

The LeeZu Baxter Designs label has had a name change. The design house will now market the creations of LeeZu Baxter under the brand name LeeZu! 

LeeZu! Is one of Second Life’s top fashion houses showcasing the work of noted fashion designer LeeZu Baxter and her team of highly skilled professionals. The instantly recognizable clothing and accessories are noted for their complexity, femininity and creativity. The majority of LeeZu! outfits are created on multiple layers so the ability to mix and match is one of the hallmarks of this famous label.

Now two years old, the company, formerly known as LeeZu Baxter Designs, is located on the To The Nines Island in Second Life. LeeZu! also operates several satellite stores in select high-end sims. The designer offers items from formal wear to casual and everything in-between. Also available is a line of accessories, eyes, shoes and jewelry. LeeZu! has received a great deal of media coverage for the specialty lines Revolution and Noir.

The LeeZu! team consists of Suzi Phlox; Barbara Nicholls (store manager); Poptart Lilliehook, (marketing director) and Olyvia Zenovka (top model and model manager).

LeeZu recently launched a new brand of footwear in partnership with Enktan Gully of Enkythings. Courtisane is a high-end line of exquisitely detailed shoes with rich luxurious textures. The store is located on an adjacent island easily reachable from the main LeeZu! store. The Courtisane brand will remain unaffected by the name change of Leezu Baxter Designs.

AVENUE Magazine January 2009


Jan 8, 2009

Insolence & Avenue Intimate Light - monthly photography contest.


Intimate Light - A monthly photography contest

INTIMATE LIGHT will be an open photography contest, sponsored by INSOLENCE and AVENUE Models.

Each month of the coming year, a jury made of designers and communication professionals will select amongst the entries, the 10 best pictures of you or any model wearing INSOLENCE lingerie. The panel will be looking at the composition, lighting, appearance and creativity of each entry. The same jury will decide on the best of the 10 images in order to select the grand winner of the month.

The winner will receive:

* A $10,000L prize from INSOLENCE and a $1000L rebate on registration to the AVENUE MODELS ACADEMY. The winning picture will then be published in AVENUE MAGAZINE and featured in high traffic blogs and groups.

The other prizes for runners up are:

2nd place: $5,000L Insolence storecard.
3rd place: $2,000L Insolence storecard.
4th to 10th place: $1,000L Insolence storecard.


The rules are as follows:

* Wear the INSOLENCE lingerie of your choice or ask a model to wear it for you.
* Produce the best picture following the theme of the month.
* Make sure you include the INSOLENCE mainstore in your picks. Any entry that does not follow this instruction will not be considered.
* Every month, prior to the 8th, send your image as a high quality JPG format to intimate.light@gmail.com .
* Make sure you include your SL name in the file name otherwise the entry will not be able to be processed.
* Only one (1) image per participant per month. If you send several images, ONLY THE FIRST will be taken into account. It is your responsibility to send a definitive version that you would like presented to the judges.
* Join AVENUE MAGAZINE READERS GROUP for more contest updates and enjoy freebies and prizes.
* Members of the jury CANNOT submit entries.
* No total nudity will be accepted or sexual depictions. No entries of child avatars will be accepted.
* The jury has the power to decide if a picture doesn't comply with the above rule.
* The final decision of the jury is definitive.
* Postprocessing is allowed. The final jury decision will not be based on technical skills however.
* Images must be a minimum 1024 x 1024. Maximum 2048 x 2048. Any sizes in between are permitted. images can be square, portait or landscape. Images must be sent as a high quality JPG file. Minimum of 100 dpi.
* The image published in AVENUE MAGAZINE will be resampled to a maximum of 1024 pixels in the biggest dimension.
* By sending your image to the contest, you accept that you transfer all copyrights and ownership of the said image to camilla Yosuke. The winning image will NOT be used other than publishing it in AVENUE MAGAZINE, in various blogs on internet, and displaying it in the INSOLENCE mainstore. Royalty claims of any sort will NOT be accepted.
* Entries received after the 8th of each month, 24:00 SLT, will be postponed to the following month.
* The winners will be annouced first in AVENUE MAGAZINE, in the next issue after the 8th of each month. The winners will then be announced in the INSOLENCE Updates group and blog. The winners will also receive a letter from INSOLENCE and AVENUE MODELS with an explanation about how to claim prizes.

The first edition of the INTIMATE LIGHT contest will be the January edition. The details are as follows:

Entries will be sent to intimate.light@gmail.com , commencing January the 9th , and before the 8th of February 2009, 24:00 SLT

The theme for this month is " Icy weather, cozy at home".

The results will be published in AVENUE MAGAZINE in the first week of February 2009.

Press Release - "Eshi Otawara" Limited Releases


Second Life fashion lovers are in for a special treat. The Eshi Otawara label releases three new gowns.

Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures”

"Jardin des Milles Fleures" by Eshi Otawara

Eshi Otawara announces her second Limited Edition dress, “Jardin des Milles Fleures,” under her new “Eshi Otawara” label. This dress is composed of a hoodie, bodice, and skirt is a 1000 prim outfit made up of hundreds of individual black, gold and lilac prim pieces which reinforce the floral and stem pattern painted on the sheer central panel. The 253 prim hoodie encircles the head in a gold and black coif, lined in midnight and accented by lilac entwined vines. The upper bodice continues the theme, with sheer lilac accents encircling the sleeves. The skirt contains 491 prims, with rich hues of blue, gold, and lilac continued, producing an overall effect of a living, wearable garden. A clear diamond rose topped key to the garden necklace finishes the ensemble. This incredible Eshi Otawara Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures” outfit will be for sale at Eshi’s store in Blumfield. Only 10 of the Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures” dresses will be available for purchase for L$40,000.


"Chalice - Midnight" by Eshi Otawara

Eshi will also be offering a Limited Release Edition Dress on sale through the month of January ONLY, “Chalice - Midnight.” This dress has textures of dark and light, mixing colors of midnight, blues and gold, with gentle glow emanating from the center of the skirt. The textures were originally used in a custom dress made for the Miss Virtual World pageant, but have been totally remixed into a set of 3 dresses in one. The textures were originally created to showcase the feel of the Australian desert under the night sky. In the current form, the dress can be worn as an elegant dress with a sparkled bodice that is framed with a delicate ruffle around the top, completed by Eshi original starry earrings and wrist cuff. It can also be worn as two additional looks by changing the neck pieces, adding on a chest ruffle, arm pieces, and a new blue textured bodice. Like Eshi’s Christmas and Auld Lang Syne Dresses, this set of 3 dresses in one will only be offered through the end of January 2009.


"Bengal" by Eshi Otawara

Eshi has added an additional Kegawa dress to her Winter/Spring Collection. This dress, the “Bengal,” has striped patterns of white and pale from the bodice to the trailing skirts, reflecting the power of the royal White Tiger from which it draws its inspiration. With multiple leg prim attachments, the dress can be worn long or short, so that the dress can flow and move with the wearer. The bustle at the back especially reminds one of the “floating world” of the Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings. Coordinating earrings and a necklace are included with the dress. The “Bengal” joins the “Cheetah” and “Tiger” Kegawa dresses, which represent the evening portion of Eshi’s Collection.

Codie-Bob Hair

"Codie Bob" by Eshi Otawara

Eshi has also added an additional new hair, the “Codie Bob.” This is a short chin length bob with long front bangs and flipped ends on the side. This hair will only be available in black. For her hair lines, Eshi has made several whimsical demo attachments which are transferable. They are not to be missed, and are the different demo attachments are given at random from the demo vendors. Because they are transferable, you can trade them with friends until you have collected them all.

All of the above designs, as well as discounted earlier Eshi collections upstairs, will be for sale at Eshi Otawara's Shop below:

AVENUE Partner









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