Apr 29, 2009

AVENUE Partners with Merovingi for their 2009 Fashion Awards


The Merovingi Fashion Awards (MFA) is known throughout the grid for being the prominent awards received by designers, new and veteran alike, for excellence in craftsmanship and creativity. This year, AVENUE has been appointed as the Official Partner for event organization, sponsorships and public relations of this year's festivities.

President of MFA, Sonneillon Barthelmess (aka Gabriel Merovingi in RL) expresses, "We are very excited that AVENUE decided to join us for this year's show. Their professional attitude and fashion-know-how is just what the MFA needs to bring our show to new heights..."

The awards given during the final ceremony have always been spectacular and amazing. This year trumps last by offering each category winning nominee with a brand new iMac 20" computer, Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Mac) and a Wacom Intuos4 Tablet. On top of that, each nominee that makes it to the final will also walk away with an iPod nano and Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Mac or PC). There are prizes too for those who nominate and vote during the MFA show as they will be automatically entered in the MFA Raffle. Once the grand show is over, 20 names will be drawn at random and each one walks away with a brand new iPod nano.

The nomination period is now open and closes on August 7th. Nominations can be submitted at the Merovingi office.

For more information please check out our press release or contact Jesika Contepomi.

If your business would be interested in sponsoring this years events please seek the MFA Sponsorship Brochure linked here.

Apr 24, 2009

JSP Fashion Expo 2009 - Week 2


AVENUE Models teams up with JSP for a 4 week Fashion Expo. JSP Fashion Expo 2009 Spring Edition, is the continuation of JSP's regular fashion and live music events.

This Saturday please join models Vera Canning, Aleida Rhode, Haruka Kish, Chirzaka Vlodovic, Florentine Rau, and Natasja Schumann as they strut the JSP runway in the casual chic and sultry designs of Wicked Fashion.

Saturday, April 25, 2009 @ 1pm SLT

JSP Island, Fashion Show Runway

Please read our press release for more information.

Apr 22, 2009

IKATOO Launches 3D Interactive Advertising


SL & RL businesses can now bring their brands and products closer to their audiences as IKATOO launches 3D Interactive Advertising through an advanced distribution solutions for virtual worlds. Get ahead of the competiton and empower your business!

Join us at the launch as AVENUE Models presents a dynamic runway show with renowned and new designers HUCCI, Chez Gabrielle, DCNY, Martina Pink and real life fashion brands Studio Tangs and Island Shop.

When: Friday, April 24th @ 6pm SLT


For more information please read our press release or contact Jesika Contepomi

Apr 19, 2009

AVENUE Graduation Show - April 19


Avenue Models Academy presents Spring 2009 graduation show.

Please join us TODAY as we welcome Angelita Capailini, Seashell Dench, Nezsy Herstein, Belle Lefavre, Draven Odriscoll and TraLove Pinazzo to the runway wearing designs by Swaffette Firefly of SF Designs.

Date: 12 noon SLT

Time: Sunday, April 19th


Apr 16, 2009

JSP Fashion Expo 2009 - Spring Edition


AVENUE Models teams up with JSP for a 4 week Fashion Expo. JSP Fashion Expo 2009 Spring Edition, is the continuation of JSP's regular fashion and live music events.
This Saturday please join models Sapphire Coakes, Hallie Larsson, Florentine Rau, Chamonix Boudreaux, Olyvia Zenovka and Temperance Moonites as they strut the JSP runway in the hip urban casual chic designs of La Rosa.

Saturday, April 18, 2009 @ 1pm SLT

JSP Island, Fashion Show Runway

Please read our press release for more information.

Apr 11, 2009

AVENUE Magazine April 2009


AVENUE Magazine’s April issue is blazing withall the good stuff. Our feature cover story is on one of the most famous AO and pose creators Vista Barnes of VISTA AO …so find out what makes this man so poised for success.

We get up close and personal with Fashion Icons Maddox Dupont & Kirk Claymore of KMadd Enterprise and find out more about Applonia Criss’ latest design foray with CHANTKARE.

This month’s fashion spreads are no exception to the usual delicious eye candy in AVENUE Magazine. Shot and styled by AVENUE Models / Photographers Cherie Parker and Mui Mukerji respectively featuring manicured delights of Candy Nails and dress to the nines with Ramona Collection.

This month we start delving into our human existence and relations in SL with our new column by Jesika Contepomi, AVENUE VP of Marketing, who dares to explore about the nuances of our SL relationships.

With Spring in the air and that be our theme for our art pages, our arts curator Paola Tauber presents a collection of refreshing artwork from all over the grid.

And of course we couldn’t resist featuring the artist that’s making waves having been featured in the New York Times, we give you a personal interview with the man himself Mr Filthy Fluno.

To read the whole issue, catch it here or pick up a copy at AVENUE Lobby.

Apr 10, 2009

MetaLIFE's People.Places.Things. Party at JSP


Sunday April 12th - 2pm-4pm - MetaLIFE’s People.Places.Things Party

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/JSP%20Island/86/100/22

Electronica MUSIC with Metalife DJ/Host Doubledown Tandino

PRIZES: The metaHUD metaHUNT!! cash & prizes to be given away with "shout-out" question & answers
Get the FREE MetaHUD at the event & wear it to win.

SE Elite Grad Show


Apr 4, 2009

AVENUE Models presents SPRING SHOWCASE ‘09


It’s time to clean out your closets, tuck away your sweaters and prepare for LOTS of spring shopping! Join us this Saturday as AVENUE Models presents Spring Showcase 2009 featuring the exciting fresh releases of Malt Fashion, Polina Kaestner, Genesis and B! Fashion. This event will be staged over 4 sims to increase audience capacity of up to 120 guests and 30 VIPs including the press.

For more information please read our press release.

Date : 4 April, Saturday

Time : 4pm SLT


TP1 - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Skin%20City/233/25/2001

TP2 - http://slurl.com/secondlife/sLiterary/24/25/2001

SE presents “Spring and Flower Show”


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