May 29, 2009

LaRosa Fashion Show by AVENUE


LaRosa Fashion Show - 30 May 12pm SLT

Join AVENUE Models Poptart Lilliehook, Liane Maetens, Krystanna Wycliffe, Cortney Prieto, Veronica Krasner and Salvo Waydelich as they present the newest line of fastions by LaRosa.

When: Saturday, 30 May 2009 12pm SLT

Where: AVENUE Sky Runway

For more information please check out the press release.

May 28, 2009

New Dana's Delights Bridal Collection


New Dana's Delights Bridal Collection

In yet another stunning AVENUE production- Wedding bells rang, white doves fluttered overhead, and the Sky runway wore a lovely shade of lilac while AVENUE models Livia Mastroianni, Ivyana Szondi, Nezsy Herstein, Laury Sands, Mavi Beck and Haruka Kish glided and swirled before the audience in a heavenly bridal collection inspired by the delights of a spring garden in bloom.

Clematis WhiteClematis Black

Above, Ivyana is wearing the “Clematis in white” bridal gown with a sleek chiffon bodice and a see-through waist. It comes with a full flexi skirt with train, veil with roses, and a straight flexi skirt for the reception. Mavi is also wearing the same design, the “Clematis” in black; made with love for all those Goth brides out there!

Blue Lily Bridal GownBlue Lily Bridesmaid Dress

Shown above, Haruka is wearing the “Blue Lily” bridal gown- A bell shaped beauty like its namesake, it comes with a full four-part skirt with train attached, and a sheer veil.Laura is matching Haruka’s gown in the “Blue Lily” bridesmaid dress. It comes with multiple options for the skirt (puffy, below-knee or flexi) and optional puffy sleeves for lots of styling creativity.

These gowns are must-see-in-motion! And here’s some more icing on the cake: All gowns come as “transfer” items so you can give them as gifts! And we barely scratched the surface in this post, so please be sure to read the full article coming up in AVENUE Magazine’s July issue for a complete review of New Dana’s Delights bridal collection.

New Dana's Delights Showcase

New Dana’s Delights is owned by designer Dana Vanmoer.

The new main store is located at Ian Bernard (50, 184, 21) at this SLURL

Photography by Tillie Ariantho
To view the full photo set for this event, please visit our flickr page.

RL Starshit Recordings Launches "Love Deep Inside" in SL


Presenting to you the hottest music event in SL...RL MEETS SL!
To expand SL limits beyond just an online game, the powers have been gathered to give you best summer intro in both worlds!

Make a date with Rico Bernasconi himself, one of the founders of starshit recordings, for the official pre-release of single and video "Love deep inside" today at 11am SLT.

Love Deep Inside gives us a first taste of summer, you can already feel the sun, the heat and hot bodies!

Powered by top SL & RL DJs:


Venue : Woods The Party House Music Club

Founded by Rico Bernasconi (aka Rico Bass aka D-Troy) and Marquez Klamt.
Sublabel of Kontor Records
Specialised in House, Dance and Club tunes

Please send inquiries and demos (mp3, 128kbps, max. 5MB) to:

May 25, 2009

Better start saving up for a new graphics card.

Shadows and flexible sculpted prims are coming to Second Life. You can already try both, but prepare yourself for even more lag! The two new features are now available in two different SL browsers. TWO? Unfortunately, yes. You can try the shadow on SL 1.23 Release Candidate (download RC here. There's a simple setup you need to configure using advanced menu).

  1. Enable the Advanced menu by hitting ctrl+alt+D (if you don't have it turned on).
  2. Go to Advanced > Debug Settings.
  3. Type in renderusefbo and set it to True
  4. Type in renderdeferred and set it to True
  5. Shadows!

The image is amazing! But, and there is always a but, immediately my AO started to work in slow-motion. I had another great deception when I tried to share my viewing with all my friends. The shadows didn't show in snapshots.

Conclusion: should you try it? Maybe not now, but remember this is a release candidate; that means the feature will be present in next SL version upgrade. I believe LL will fine tune it to work better in most graphics cards, and I hope they make it available in pictures too! Anyway, it will impact your computer performance so you should start to think about an update in the near future.

Flexible sculpted prims. One of the most anticipated upgrades in SL. This feature will certainly change a lot in the way we build. Those who were around for the sculpties revolution know the impact that I'm talking about. Imagine a skirt, that looks like a skirt, not cones or half cylinders grouped, and moves like a skirt. Or an avatar's tail that has an organic move. Now stop dreaming and test CoolViewer. CoolViewer is a 3rd party SL viewer that has many advantages of SL normal viewer - but this article is not about CoolViewer. The most famous and appreciated by the fashion community is the Worn tab. The technology is available there. You just need to find the flexi sculptures to see how they work.

The impact in your computer performance will be lower than in the shadows' case, but there will be lag.

Conclusion: should you try it? Not really, you can just watch the demo videos:

and wait for the official release. But if you are part of the fashion industry, in my opinion, you can't wait. It's time to test it and try to learn how to make your sculpties flexible. You don't want to be the last creator to have them available in your collection, do you?

Devon Chaffe

May 23, 2009

Virtual TANGS launches in Second Life

VTANGS Spring Summer 2009 Launch

TANGS, Singapore's premier lifestyle concept store launches its virtual store VTANGS today at 12pm, offering 3 real life in-house labels Martina Pink, Island Shop and STUDIOTANGS.


Martina Pink @ VTANGS

Island Shop @ VTANGS

Besides these RL brands, SL fashionistas can also look forward to their favourite SL fashion designers as well such as Chez Gabrielle, Church of Luxe, DCNY, Diversity, DeeTalez, Digit Darkes, Hucci, Kraftika, Nicky Ree, SD Wears, Stylissimo, Riviera Couture & !mpossible.

VTANGS will be a realistic replica of the iconic 76-year old store on Singapore’s renowned Orchard Road, well-loved for its prominent green-tiled roof and red pillars. VTANGS will feature familiar TANGS concepts, such as TANGS Beauty Hall, Wardrobe Women & Men, and PlayLab, and will carry virtual merchandise which shoppers can purchase with the MetaCard™, the Linden dollar credit card issued by First Meta.

Taking a new spin to bring the real-life beauty, fashion and lifestyle and the unique shopping experience that Singapore has come to love to Second Life, VTANGS' Spring/Summer 2009 promotions and events will focus on transcending beyond the second life into the first, bridging the real and the virtual.

Purchases at Virtual TANGS will entitle residents to 20% discount vouchers for use at the real-world stores till 30th April and subsequently, 10% till year-end. Mid 2009, Virtual TANGS will unveil i-shopper, a personalized shopping and delivery service for residents located overseas to purchase real-life versions of merchandise featured at the virtual store.

As an exclusive launch promotion, the first 10 shoppers stand to win L$1,000 cash and a limited edition outfit. Metacard holders receive 50% rebate on Martina Pink, Island Shop & STUDIOTANGS

So here's to a unique shopping experience at VTANGS.

May 22, 2009

New Dana's Delights Fashion Show

New Dana's Delights Invite

Please join AVENUE Models Livia Mastroianni, Ivyana Szondi, Nezsy Herstein, Laury Sands, Mavi Beck and Haruka Kish this Saturday as they glide down the aisle-like runway in the incredible wedding designs debut of New Dana's Delights.

Saturday, May 23, 2009 1pm SLT

AVENUE Sky Runway

For more information please read our press release.

One Stop Glam Shop: Stylissimo


Connoisseurs of opulence no longer have to hop the entire grid to compile the finer things in their boudoire. To cut down on SL commuting and reduce gas mileage, Stylissimo opened its doors on May 17 with ALL the essentials of high style under one roof.

Stylissimo is a collaboration between Rusch Raymaker and prolific designers Joy Laperriere (shapes); Sylva Petrov (animations); Loa Oryl (fashion) and Medit8 Zapatero (furnishings.) The cozy boutique at Piazza has two separate wings for male and female patrons on opposite sides of the floor plan. On the list of offerings is an exquisite line of male and female shapes (with complete styling cards.) And to dress the shape of your choosing, Stylissimo offers a garden variety of hand-crafted couture and accessories which derive their inspirations from natural epiphanies, like Garden Thorns, Butternut Hawk and the Long Fly Home -to name a few. To complete the picture, a set of fluid animations by designer Sylva Petrov keeps those heavenly avatars moving with grace.

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Stylissimo's catalog of neo-classical furnishings and d├ęcor will transform that high-rise den into a 3D extension of your glamorous self.. So stay at home and call over your friends. Each chef d'oeuvre at Stylissimo comes with its own 'twist' and will leave you longing for more. And more shall come!

Created with flickr slideshow.

For more details-

Read Isadora Fiddlesticks' full article in the May 2009 issue of AVENUE Magazine

Log on to Stylissimo's Website

Click this SLURL to Visit Stylissimo in-world

May 17, 2009

It's all about style...

Stylissimo Launch

AVENUE is pleased to announce the much anticipated launch of Stylissimo. A fashion lifestyle store, Stylissimo offers quality model shapes, couture for women, high fashion poses and fine furnishings.

Join us tomorrow as Stylissimo debuts their exquisite collection. The party will be hosted by Stylissimo Founder and DJ, Rusch Raymaker. Guests can expect gifts and prize giveaways throughout the party.

When: Sunday, May 17 2-5pm SLT

Where: SLURL

For more information check out the press release.

AVENUE Models Academy Graduation with Bolero


Our next batch of model trainees are ready to rock the runway at AVENUE Models Academy again.

Please join us as we congratulate our latest graduates Angel McMullen, Dahlia Joubert, Giselle Hazelnut and Laurel Luminos making their debut on the AVENUE Sky Runway parading the designs of Bolero.

When: Sunday May 17th @ 12pm SLT

AVENUE Sky Runway

May 15, 2009

MEB Fashion Show


AVENUE welcomes you to the new AVENUE Sky Runway on Saturday, May 16th. Join AVENUE Models Florentine Rau, Jesika Contepomi, Kryptonia Paperdoll, Shenandoah Saintlouis and Tralove Pinazzo as they take the runway in the trendy fabulous designs of MEB.

Saturday, May 16, 2009 3pm SLT

AVENUE Sky Runway

Please read the press release for more information.

May 14, 2009

Exotic Summer with Modavia


Photo by: Raffaello Robbiani

Modavia has recently announced their spring casting for Supermodels. They're looking for models to represent Modavia in the Modavia Fashion Directory and participate in promotional evens related to the directory.

The theme for this casting is EXOTIC SUMMER.

To apply, join Modavia Prospective Models group and check for casting notices in group.

Submission is due to KAY FAIREY by MAY 15th.

Semifinals will be held for short-listed models on MAY 24th at noon. Personal invites will be sent to those who will be joining.

Finals will be held on MAY 31st at noon. FIVE new Supermodels will receive invitations to the group.

Good Luck to Everyone!

May 12, 2009

AVENUE May 09 Issue is sizzling!


For a quick preview of what's in store checkout out our vid:

Baring it all on our sizzling cover is Lion Jonesford of Lionskins

Be the first to preview the launch of the uber stylish Stylissimo couture and exquisite neo baroque furnishings

Our fashion icon for the month, Khea Karas of Malt Fashions

Featured designer, Micah Kanto of Modern Gypsy

Get in on the action with Vista Animations latest male animation overrider,
Irrestible Man

AVENUE model of the month, Queenie Extraordinaire

and vote for your favourite designers in Merovingi Fashion Awards and win an ipod

All this and more with AVENUE

May 11, 2009

JSP Spring Fashion Expo 2009 Grand Finale


JSP Spring Fashion Expo 2009 Grand Finale

The JSP Spring Fashion Expo 2009 wrapped up on May 9 with a splash of warm light and fragrant color by Sascha's Designs.


AVENUE models Tiffany Dragonash, Temperance Moonites, Kendall Larnia, Natasja Schumann, and Chirzaka Vlodovic fluttered along the runway in waves of lilac bodices, azul skirts, bird feathers and coral gems.. A feast for the senses that can only be inspired by the natural beauty of this season and the promise of sunnier days ahead.

Madelon Blue


Photography by Tillie Ariantho


Sascha's Designs is owned by Sascha Frangilli. With reasonable pricing and a huge selection, Sascha also stands out by favoring her customers with a demo trial for every gown on display. Sascha's Designs is located at Coco Beach at this SLURL

May 10, 2009



LostAngeL Industries - Captain’s Log

10 May 2009 – At first it seemed impossible to build where once nothing stood. Reports are now in that the station is at last complete, able to sustain life, and a portal to the underworld has been established (provided safety masks are worn). Our first guests are expected soon and we will find out how successful we are at reestablishing life in this new beginning. Mission guidelines have been set for our guests, should they follow them, all should go well. We've prepared a map but survivial is up to them.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

More than $50k in gifts and prizes to be distributed

10AM to 12PM
DJ Summer Deadlight
Main Room

12PM to 2PM
DJ Mace Runo

2PM to 4PM
DJ Azu Catteneo
White Room

4PM to 6PM
DJ Kromus Korobase
Glow Room

Hosted by LostAngeL Industries
Powered by Studio Red
Sponsored by Graves – Leather. Latex. Metal.
PR & Video by AVENUE

TP here to your mission >>> LostAngeL Industries

For more info, log on to LostAngeL website

May 8, 2009

Towards SL Democracy


This Saturday, the 9th of May, the SL Democratic Movement (slDM) will throw a big party and you are invited. The slDM is a group of residents campaigning to further and enable User rights and User governance (self-rule) in the Second Life world and this party is partly in light of the recently announced changes in Adult Content policy (for more info about slDM check our website and the FAQ/goals document: ).

But of course this party is mostly to have fun, relax, dance and listen to some great music by some awesome artists. As Emma Goldman has said: “If I can't dance - I don't want to be part of your revolution".

The party will be a live music event with some great artists; the line-up for this week will be live musicians Artel Brando and Lexie Luan, who both play guitar and sing. Artel will take the stage at 10 am SLT, after which Lexie will play her set at 11 am ending at 12 pm SLT. Aeris Betsen will DJ after 12 pm and drop some fine tunes for us who cannot stop dancing.

This party promises to be a great time, so come over to check out these great artists, listen to good music while plotting the revolution towards full user emancipation!

Saturday 9 May from 10 am - 12pm SLT

10 am - 11am Artel Brando
11 am - 12 pm Lexie Luan
12pm DJ Aeris Betsen

TP to

May 7, 2009

JSP Spring Fashion Expo 2009 | Sascha's Designs


Time to glam it up this Spring. AVENUE Models is proud to present JSP Spring Fashion Expo 2009's closing show presenting the elegant designs of Sascha's Designs. Featuring AVENUE Models Tiffany Dragonash, Temperance Moonites, Kendall Larnia, Natasja Schumann, Chirzaka Vlodovic and Haruka Kish.

Date : 9 May 2009 Saturday

Time : 1 pm SLT


About Sascha's Designs :

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then beautifully intriguing fashion is within the walls of Sascha's Designs. Stepping inside Sascha's Designs is like stepping into a wonderland of glamorous beauty, each gown created and detailed with evident passion for that feminine quality. Whether the occasion calls for a fun flirty cocktail dress, a saucy sexy little number meant for a night of spicy dancing, or a highly detailed sequin and lace encrusted bodice, flowing chiffon gowns dripping in classic Hollywood glamour, all your formal and casual formal needs will be met at Sascha's Designs.

Sascha Frangilli, proprietor and creator of Sascha's Designs, has wielded her talent with such skill and passion for some duration in Second Life. Every gown shines in evidence of detailed individualized attention. Most gowns feature a demo gown, a benefit to any woman in search of that one special gown, but knowing, it is that one special gown that often finds the woman. Ladies, you know to what I am referring....Whatever the occasion, affordable glamour awaits you, at Sascha's Designs.


May 5, 2009

Suave New Moves by BehaviorBody


Just released by BehaviorBody Animations are four amazing sets of animated model poses with plenty of 'ease-in' time (no more snapping into position) and smooth animated loops that keep the body in fluid and constant motion as you pose.

Each set comes with a total of 12 animations that are MOD/COPY and AO-friendly; you can easily load them into your favorite huddle before a show just like other static poses.

BehaviorBody Animations and Model Poses is owned by Antosperandeo Allen.
Click on this SLURL (BAIASTICE 69, 40, 24) to visit:)

May 3, 2009

JSP Fashion Expo 2009: Moonstar Designs & Serpente Signature Designs



Ever spent a couple of hours hopping from one store to the next, trying to find a matching garter belt for that beaded corset you got planned for the night? Well, no more tears.

Two sizzling-hot designers: Moonstar Designs and Serpente Signature Designs (SSD for short) have a new approach to their fashion: Most of their outfits come in a complete styling set with matching shoes, gloves/socks/garters and even jewelry sets.. Everything you need to create that wild look without the wild goose hunt!

Produced by AVENUE Models in partnership with Just Soul Promotions, the JSP Fashion Expo 2009 (Show#3) brought to the lime light some breathtaking new releases by both Moonstar & SSD, in a one-of-kind production that can only be created by AVENUE.


And... you don't want to miss our next JSP show featuring Sascha's Designs on Saturday May 9 at 1 P.M. SLT. Same time, same SLURL (JSP Island.)

May 2, 2009


The much-awaited Second Life reality series, I WANNA BE A CELEBRITY is now live on MBC! The episode opens to the scene of the rigid interview process by judges Misty Rhodes, Dousa Dragonash, and Ziggy21 Slade. Watch as the "celebutants" go about answering the thought provoking questions that the judges asked them.

If you have an MBC television inworld, or your tv has MBC configured, you can now watch the show from there. Alternatively, you can watch I WANNA BE A CELEBRITY online here:

May 1, 2009

JSP Fashion Expo Spring 2009 - Week 3


AVENUE Models teams up with Just Soul Promotions for a 4 week Fashion Expo.

This Saturday @ 1pm please join models Valeria Pienaar, Temperance Moonites, Shenandoah Saintlouis, Sally Yachvili, Kendall Larnia, Mui Mukerji as they walk the JSP runway in the unique and vibrant designs of Moonstar & Serpente Signature Designs.

When: Saturday, May 2nd @ 1pm SLT

JSP Island, Fashion Show Runway

Please read our press release for more information.

AVENUE Partner









Watch videos at Vodpod and more of my videos



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