Nov 28, 2009

Fashion Decadence

Fashion Decadence - November Features

The November issue of AVENUE Magazine is filled with pages full of fashion decadence. If you haven't made time to indulge yourself with one of our most memorable issues to date, then you are missing out on a real treat. The issue features the fashions of several amazing SL designers including Alatiel Malies, AlexanderHunter Rembrandt, and a little something special from Agnes Finney.

The talented Alatiel Malies is known for her chic, classic casual styles. However her brand, Alatiel Fashions, is probably most likely recognized for producing some of the most beautiful gowns in SL. You'll find some of her lovely fall creations in the Fashion Spread section.

The fall fashions of AlexanderHunter Couture appear to be greatly inspired by the vivid colors associated with fall and range from soft feminine ensembles to dapper designs for the fashion savvy gents. This gifted designer doesn't just make clothes, he designs entire looks including skins and shoes.

Finally, the issue features Part 1 of the series on the lovely ladies vying for the title of My Precious Queen, a contest developed by none other than Agnes Finney. AVENUE Magazine is a proud sponsor of the contest and the lucky winner will receive a scholarship to the AVENUE Models Academy in addition to many other great prizes. This article gives you a closer look at some of the contestants and a few of the remarkable designs from My Precious Agnes Finney.

If you want to see more from these amazing talents, visit their locations in world and click here to check out the November issue.

Stay tuned for a fabulous Holiday Special Issue coming out this week.

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Apparence Style Challenge

Apparence Style Challenge

27 Nov 2009 - 29 Jan 2010

Show off your style with Apparence Skins & Shapes as we search for a super stylist to win a contract with Apparence and AVENUE Magazine. Over the next 8 weeks, weekly winners will be selected leading up to one final grand prize winner.

This is your chance to show off your styling, modeling and photography skills and get a head start in the fashion industry.


For more information see the official rules on the Apparence Blog or TP to Apparence.

Nov 27, 2009

AVENUE presents…Smooth Designs Fashion Show

AVENUE Models :: Smooth Designs Fashion Show :: 29 Nov 3PM SLT

AVENUE Models is proud to present the latest designs from Aeris Shenlin of Smooth Designs. This show promises to mystify and capture the audiences attention with Shenlin's extreme creations and elaborate attention to detail.

When: 29 November 2009, 3PM SLT

Where: AVENUE Sky Runway

Read here for more information.

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Nov 21, 2009

Hot Shoes & Cool Jewels

Any true fashionista knows that an outfit is never perfect until it's appropriately accessorized. Truth be told, accessories can make or break a look. As a result, a good amount of thought should go into your selections. The November issue of AVENUE Magazine features the designs of two very talented accessory designers, Sofi Trenkins and Maris Kanto.


Sofi Trenkins is the creative force behind Sigma Jewels, a great place to shop for accessories. Her designs are hip, chic and are made with some of the richest textures around.The pieces are beautiful, look fabulous with just about any fashion style, and reflect Sofi's artistic talents and eye for fashion.


Maris Kanto is the designer responsible for the beautiful accessories found at Kalnins. Well known for fabulous sunglasses and men's footwear, Kalnins is quickly becoming the place to shop for women's footwear as well. The new collection of multicolored scripted footwear is to die for. More importantly the shoes offer a realistic, stylish and classy look at affordable pricing.

To learn more about the creations of these wonderful designers, check out the Novemebr issue of AVENUE Magazine.

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Winterfaire Blog Ad

AVENUE invites you to celebrate the joy of Winter with a magical fashion showcase featuring a stellar cast of international designers in Second Life®.

AVENUE is proud to debut the Winter 2009 collections from fashion brands Designing Nicky Ree, LeeZu!, CHANTKARE, JADOR Fashion, Anubis Style, My Precious by Agnes Finney, B! Fashion, SF Designs, Vassnia and runway debut of Vitabela Dubrovna's inworld label Boudoir.

When : 21 November 2009, Saturday at 1pm SLT

Where: AVENUE Winterfaire 4-Sim SnowGlobe

Public SLURL 1
Public SLURL 2

For more information please read the AVENUE WINTERFAIRE Press Release.

Nov 15, 2009

Walk on the Wild Side : Fabulous Alternative Fashions


AVENUE Magazine November

Everyone in Second Life loves the idea of being unique. We often take any opportunity we can to express ourselves in ways that we might be a little hesitant to do in RL. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the way we dress.

As a result, tattoos and alternative fashions such as goth, grunge, neko and punk are big business in SL. Additionally, there are several amazing designers out there who thrive in this area. Two of these fascinating designers are featured in the November issue of AVENUE Magazine.


Since 2007, Xion Hack, owner of Addixion, has been providing Second Life residents with some of the most incredible tattoos and peircings around. However, Addixion, is not just limited to the production of these amazing tattoo designs, it is also responsible for some of the most detailed goth female skins as well as grunge clothing styles for both men and women.

If Xion's artistic flair isn't apparent when you look at his tattoos and fashions, it will be when you venture out to take a look at his amazing SIM which features satellite locations for several well known designers. Simply put, it's gorgeous and worthy of exploration.


Similarly, Arian Voss, the creative force behind Rebel, is indeed a fashion rebel. He's his own man who designs on his terms with absolutely no deference to style trends. This strategy clearly works for him because he produces some of the most imaginative and unique punk and grunge gear on the grid.

Visit his store and let your imagination run wild as you mix and match the realistically detailed separates to create your own unique look. For those of you who prefer to purchase more complete looks, Rebel offers nicely styled outfits as well.

Learn more about these talented men and their brands in the November issue of AVENUE Magazine.

Nov 14, 2009

AVENUE Models Academy Graduation

AVENUE Models Academy Graduation Show 15 Nov 2009

Another amazing group of trainees from the AVENUE Models Academy is preparing for their runway debut. Let's welcome academy trainees Mikey Batriani, RicoRacer Flux, Regina Tobias, Nicole Myhre, Naiya Kazyanenko, Victoria Lustre and Mitchy Foxdale to the catwalk as they strut in fashions by designer Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do.

See you there!

Designer Showcased: Musashi-Do
Date : Sunday, 15 November
Time : 12 noon SLT
Place : AVENUE Sky Runway

Nov 12, 2009

CheerNo Deuil Winter Collection

For men's fashion in Second Life, none are as alternative as CheerNo. He does not draw within the lines. He likes to get messy and it all comes together in a creative explosion of in your face style.

"Montage", his fall line released last month, brought forth colorful pieces woven through with childhood whimsy like lollipops, legos and cotton candy. The old adage real men wear pink has been redefined to include bright and vibrant yellows and stunning purples and blues.

With the release of his "Deuil" winter collection, which means "Mourning" in French. (Thank you Aris :D) A more somber line. Given its name this makes sense. However the boldness of the outfits cannot be missed. It gave me the impression of someone mourning but not at all ashamed to experience those emotions and let it be known. With a palette of silvers, whites and deep blacks, the clothes are fierce. Mixing in elements of popular icons such as Marilyn Monroe and even a bit of Glam Rock ala David Bowie.

Mortifera, a fearlessly sexy ensemble that includes a see thru black shirt with Marilyn Manson's image emblazoned on the chest and torso, bondage style bracelets and armbands, was a crowd pleaser. The HOMME Venus Dark skins created just for this show, added the finishing touch.

As always, CheerNo's pieces are perfect for mixing and matching. The black padded half jackets with hoods and ski pants, yes ski pants. Wool blazers, sequin patterned pants along with cleverly sculpted attachments truly enhance and deliver a real feel to the line.

Photos by Sharron Schuman

Miss Virtual World 2010

Let the pageantry begin with the Miss Virtual World 2010!

Miss Virtual World 2010 is an annual pageant for female avatars possessing style, grace, charm and personality. Last Saturday, Nov 7 was the first ever presentation of the final 24 candidates vying for the title, where various personalities from the press, media and fashion industry gathered to quiz the candidates. 

Four of AVENUE's models strut down the runway and gracefully presented the outfit they have put together to showcase their creativity and sense of pixel style. They are:


  Mavi Beck: MISS ITALY

Chirzaka Vlodovic: MISS LATVIA

Natasja Schumann: MISS SINGAPORE

The participants did a fabulous job despite the lag and other issues surrounding the event. Coronoation Night will be on December 19, 11am SLT/PST at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium.

AVENUE Magazine wishes them all the best of luck! May the best woman win! <3

Photos by Tillie Ariantho

Nov 11, 2009

Rusch Raymaker on Spotlight TV


AVENUE Magazine's own Rusch Raymaker interviewed by Spotlight TV host Scorpinosis Nightfire. What's next for AVENUE Magazine and the potential of another RL print edition?

Also catch Kat Alderson and Katia Keres the #1 Pop Artist of 2009 by Metaverse TV's Strem Scene Music Awards.


Nov 8, 2009

AVENUE November 2009 Issue

AVENUE Magazine November

AVENUE Magazine's November Issue is out!

And it's a showdown of sorts especially in the fashion arena covering a wide variety of fashion genres from grunge to goth, alternative to couture.

AVENUE brings you first hand news on the recent Virtual London Fashion Week where Real Life designer Maria Grachvogel's designs were replicated inworld by SL designers Nils Tomorrow, Estelle Parnall, Lixena Lamourfou and Watcher Castaignede. Maria shares her optimism and perspective on Real Life fashion in Second Life in this exclusive coverage behind the scenes.

Other highlights in this issue :

- Cover Story on Xion Hax of Addixion
- Featured Designers : Rebel, The Black Canary, Sigma Jewelry & AlexanderHunter Couture
- Fashion Spreads with the latest releases from Kalnins & Alatiel Fashions
- Yoko Ono's debut of Imagine Peace in Second Life
- DJ of the Month : Amanda Shinji
- Featured Photographer : Zoe Demar

and much much more! It's another juicy issue and slice of Second Life.

Read it on issuu. View in fullscreen for maximum enjoyment.

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Nov 3, 2009

AVENUE on "Tonight Live" with Paisley Beebe


AVENUE is happy to share our latest interview on "Tonight Live" with Paisley Beebe. We discuss the history of AVENUE Magazine, our hopes and plans, experiences in publishing our first print edition and much more.

Also, continue to watch through to see the discussions with Tamra Sands, Broadway actress/singer/songwriter, and Gwyneth Llewelyn, European Business Manager for Beta Technologies and Blogger.

We send a huge thank you to Paisley and for this wonderful experience and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Nov 1, 2009

Entre Mare Designs


Classy, feminine, and elegant are just a few words that describe the creations of Sykao Adamski. Her fashion house, Entre Mare Designs, debuted in SL in June 2009 and has made quite the first impression. In fact, the designs are so lovely that I will go out on a limb and say that every woman should have at least one or more.

Simply put, these designs are breathtakingly gorgeous and will make anyone who wears them feel beautiful and alluring. Entre Mare caters to its clientele by providing an array of unique formal looks that range from cocktail dresses to ballroom gowns that are guranteed to make heads turn.

To learn how Sykao took her love of fashion and turned it into one of the grid's most sought after brands in such a short time, check out the latest Issue of AVENUE Magazine. The review, written by Isadora Fiddlesticks, provides more information about the brand and designs(photographed by Natajsa Schumann). Click here to view the magazine.

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