Nov 21, 2008

The International Career Fair by GAX Technologies


Join us November 27, Thursday, for the third recruiting job fair event for GAX Technologies. This time Working Worlds will have some of the biggest employers in Europe present and they will be interviewing candidates in their virtual offices. GAX Technologies has made its mark in Second Life with their hugely successful in-world Career Fairs. Every six months the Working Worlds/ GAX Technologies Career Fair is held and each fair has been larger than it's predecessor, thus making the sky the limit for the Working Worlds Career Fairs. To help job hunters learn more about the fair and how it will benefit them there will be conferences and e-learning sessions at the Working Worlds location in-world. Working Worlds offers everything possible to help ensure the success of the job seekers.

This months career fair is off to an exciting start with 3,500 candidates from all over Europe who have submitted their CVs online. In order to participate as a career seeker go to the Working Worlds' website and register your CV it's a very easy process and gets you well on your way to finding not just another job but to finding a career in the field of your dreams. The fair that was held May 2008 brought 2,900 visitors, 2,767 candidates who filed their CVs and 600 official interviews that took place. The previous one before that brought 2,000 visitors, 1,500 candidates who registered their CVs and 300 interviews that took place. As you can see the difference in the numbers between the first and second events were astounding. The amount of candidates grew immensely and the amount of interviews doubled.

Cornelia den Hartog, Managing Director of 'GAX Technologies' and organizer of the Career Fairs is entirely convinced; 'The need for companies to attract new profiles from beyond the territorial limits is becoming more and more important. 'The 'Working Worlds' Career Fairs are in itself the most efficient solutions currently available to these companies without having to deploy significant resources. Our partners will be directly in touch with candidates who will not have to travel, but who may meet their future employer "Live" on Second Life'.

The Working Worlds sim gives a career seeker the opportunity to do something they cannot do outside of a virtual world. One can get up out of bed, walk over to the computer, and be interviewed without having to change clothing or pay travel expenses to interview with recruiters from prestigious companies for a job that he/she is qualified for. Having such a recruitment tool like a career fair in Second Life definitely makes the impossible seem possible and places the world of opportunities at a career seeker's fingertips. As we have stated before, it really does not get any easier than this and the results can be just as rewarding for both the employer and the job seeking employee. Come down and discover a creative, fulfilling, and exciting world of opportunities. There is opportunity for everyone, you are invited to come and find that career you have always wanted it is just a teleport away. You have had jobs now come find your career!

Date: 27 November 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 1am-12noon SLT
Venue: Grand Ducale 128,96,22

For more information regarding Working Worlds, please contact Gaxdirector Weston (Managing Director) of Gax Technologies and organizer of the Career Fair, or Annette Wilder (CEO) of Wilder Public Relations Firm.

Working Worlds Website:

To contact Wilder PR by email:

To learn more about Wilder PR visit their website:

AVENUE uncovers IP & Identity Theft - Who is Thomas Brown?


It has come to our attention that someone in the real world by the name or alias of Thomas Brown has made false claims to be an agent of AVENUE Models and AVENUE Magazine. A Real Life clothing designer company had happened to contact us to enquire about his association with us which then gave rise to further investigation into the matter and found that Thomas Brown has been circulating the following email to real life designers (we have removed the name of the designer and their email addresses to protect their identity):

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Clothing Designers Needed For Catalogue Update.
From: “thomas brown”
Date: Wed, November 19, 2008
My name is Thomas Brown, I am a freelance agent for Avenue Models magazine company in the United States,the website of the magazine is and I currently need a Clothing Designer who is interested in collaborating with awesome models with unique and cool looks and to work with photographers who are creative and positive for the next edition of the magazine.I need a creative designer with a never ending imagination,I saw your profile while surfing the internet on Model Mayhem website, I appreciate them and I would like us to do some works together.I presently have good offer for you,the company I work for has opportunities for Clothing Designers.I want to know if you are interested in the job because I need a Clothing Designer who will design the clothing for our Models in next edition of the magazine.Please let me know if you are interested in the Job.
Thomas Brown

The alleged Thomas Brown had then followed through with a secondary email upon a response by interested designers with the following email that then redirects it to a particular Real Life magazine called Jaye Magazine.

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Details About The Job.
From: “thomas brown”
Date: Thu, November 20, 2008 7:39 am
We are happy to inform you that you are one of the few people chosen out of the screening exercise performed for us by One Clothing Designing Place, you have got the Requirement we need as a creative designer and to help design the clothing for our Models in our Jaye Magazine update( 5th – 7th Dec. 2008 issue, We here by decided as a committee to offer you this pay clothing designing job, I will be very happy if you could send me more pictures of your clothing designs. My client wants to update her Catalog with her New Year release Fashion design outfits and I’m interested in you for the professional clothing designer.
So if you are interested you can get back to me. The shooting will hold at a rented photographers studio very close to your location, which we would be responsible for your transport, feeding and accommodation allowance throughout the photo shoot, the invitation letter would be mailed to you, all make up will be taken care of in the studio.
You have the opportunity to bring along an Escort which we would handle the expenses along with your own just for you to feel comfortable throughout the shoot and your job.
You have 5 different Fashion design outfit to create for our Model, which would be provided to my client on the day of the shooting and the shoot is just for 3 days and you will be paid $1,450 for the whole project, the Job is Urgent so you are to get back to us as soon as possible so that I can arrange on how to get you the part payment. You would be paid the initial payment of $400 to guarantee your participation in the shoot, as part of our working policy and ethics ofour company, we give part payment to any client before we proceed with any job and balance immediately after the work.
As I told you earlier this project is very urgent will be taking care of your payment, accommodation and other expenses. The payment would be mailed directly to you along side with your expenses.As soon as you get the payment, you will take out your $400 and send the remaining balance to the WARDROBE STYLIST you are to work with. If you are interested kindly get back to us with your details as follows: CLOTHING DESIGNER INFORMATION.
1. Name on check:_____________________________________________2. Complete Mailing Address:_____________________________________________3 City:_____________________________________________4.State:_____________________________________________5.Zip Code:¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_____________________________________________6. Phone#:_____________________________________________
OTHER NAMES:List any stage or professional names, maiden name, aliases, or anyother name you have ever used.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I here by represent and warrant that the above information is true and correct.The names listed above include my present name and every name that I have ever used including my maiden name, alias,nickname,professional or stage name. Kindly know that P.o.Box are not applicable.
Thomas Brown

This is to state that Thomas Brown is in no way a representative of AVENUE Models or AVENUE Magazine and we have no assocation with him or Jaye Magazine and he has been sent a warning to stop this dissociation.

Any real life designers that wish to create a presence in Second Life or in AVENUE Magazine should only contact Rusch Raymaker, CEO of AVENUE Models and AVENUE Magazine at these emails :

AVENUE Models email :

AVENUE Magazine email :

Nov 19, 2008

LE COUTURE NOIR : Call For Designers


What exactly is wearable art?

It is expression. A statment. It is Fashion. It is art. It is whatever we want it to be! Full of creative expression. Creating for the sake of creating. It is about bringing elements of fashion and art together and bringing it to the runway.

Now more details!

The purpose of this group is to bring people together who have an interest in developing non-profitable art events and fashion projects. We are doing this for the sake of ART and creation! Projects are not limited to fashion shows, photography galleries and other art and fashion projects are welcome.

Current Project : La Couture Noir Art Fashion show

This project is a wearable art fashion show with couture outfits that break the traditional clothing design in Second Life. My vision of the event is having a 1 hour long fashion show showing off the outfits and a 1 hour long after party where models would stay in their chosen outfits so people can get a closer look at the designs. (If any suggestions about the show please just IM me.) The show will be held at Blvd Agency Runway and the organiser Micah Kanto is looking for designers to exhibit in the show.

Guidelines for clothing designers:

*Create 1 to 2 outfits ( If you would like to do more let me know, I can pull some of my designs.)
*Clothing must be grey tones for this show. (Black, white, grey)
*Be as creative as you want! Express yourself with NO limits
*Please do a small write up about your outfit. (Like 3 lines)

Guidlelines for jewerly/accessory designers
*Feel free to a create a set of jewerly or just one piece
* Jewerly must be in grey or dark tones
*Be as creative as you want! Express yourself with NO limits
*Please do a small write up about your jewerly. (Like one line)

Guidelines for Hair designers
* Create 1 to 2 hair designs
* Any natural color of your choosing (Only colors that humans are born with please. If you want to do crazy colors, please check with Micah Kanto first.)
* Be as creative as you want! Express yourself with NO limits (Except the color.)
* Please do a small write up about your hair. (Like one line)

Looking for people who would like to be on a creative team, so any people who want to help with putting on the show please contact Micah Kanto.

Rough Timeline

Get between 12-24 outfits done
Model Casting (All designers must come and pick their models)
Show Rehearsals
Dress rehearsals
Then the show

Nov 11, 2008

Angels on The Runway for A Good Cause


Scenic Hills has announced a Designer competition and Model Pageant to take place on December 20th for a charity event supporting Cancer Awareness.

Entries are being accepted from Designers who have been creating in second life for under six months as well as from over 50 designers invited by the Scenic Hills Association. Designers are being asked to design outfits inspired by or centred around angels. The outfits will be showcased on December 20th, with the ten outfits being auctioned during the showcase event. A follow-up auction will be held on December 21st for the remaining showcased garments. Proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Entries should be submitted no later than December 6th.

Entries are also being accepted from models wishing to walk in the "Angels on the Runway" competition. Angels walking on our runway will receive a large assortment of prizes plus the chance to be named the "Scenic Hills Angel." Entries close for the model competition on November 29th.

The competion is being sponsored by Runway Magazine, Nominee Skins, Luminous Designs, Mystical Designs, Le Boulevard Royal Magazine, Friendly Skyz Balloons, Razmataz Art, and PillowTalk.

For more information on how to enter please see the Scenic Hills Blog at The 6 hour gala is scheduled to take place beginning at 11 am on December 20th so be sure to mark your calendars!

For sponsorship or other inquires please contact Janelle Taurog, Event Director either in-world or at If you are interested in entering the event, please see the information in the blog.

Nov 10, 2008

SL Shakespeare Company :: Twelfth Night


The SL Shakespeare Company Returns to Shakespeare with Twelfth Night— In Their Usual Trademarked Extravagance…

Shakespeare, Second Life: The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) will perform a full ensemble performance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: Act 1 in a special short-run advance miniseason as part of their Fall Season 2008 repertoire. Opening on SLSC Thursday, November 13th (following a "sneak peek" on November 12th), the full-length Act 1 is the first part of the culmination of a summer's worth of rehearsal-performances in SLSC's tag-team staged reading series of Twelfth Night.

Maintaining the Company's tradition of excellence in visual and theatrical extravagance, the miniproduction also introduces the usage of multiple rotating sets, incognito animation preloading, global lighting and weather control to SLSC stagecraft technologies. Live dynamic camera control by a director finetunes the performance with a cinematic appeal, while international subtitles, the SLSC's "Pay as you Will" philosophy, and the play's location in the confluence of four island simulators of the SL Globe Theatre make the performance accessible to as many as possible.

Directed by Ina Centaur and Voice Directed by Enniv Zarf, the production stars MadameThespian Underhill, Joff Fassnacht, Prospero Frobozz, Ludo Merit, Maedin Tureaud, and Lorne Harlequin, and also a motley cast of "silent actors" who create a different variation of a background crowd each time.

Miniseason schedule (All times SLT or GMT-8):
Wednesday, Nov 12 - 11 am "sneak peek"
Thursday, Nov 13 - high noon
Friday, Nov 14 - 1 PM
Saturday, Nov 15 - 2 pm - (ticketed)*
Sunday - no show
Monday, Nov 17 - high noon

* Most of the shows at the SL Globe Theatre are free, but VIP/ticketed shows charge a nominal admissions fee of L$500. The smaller audience may entice.

>>> ABOUT The Company: <<<

The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) is a resident-funded and resident-supported professional theatre company that embraces the best of what Second Life (SL) has to offer. Since 2007, we have been making history by providing extravagant and unforgettable theatrical performances on Second Life. With each show, we continue to shape the field by developing and releasing a new technology for virtual theatre on Second Life. Their vision is to make live Shakespearean theatre available to anyone anywhere with a computer to create new possibilities in entertainment, culture, and commerce for residents of a diverse, unbounded geosphere. Those are the side effects of our mission: to make Shakespeare cool again!

Latest News:

>>> ABOUT The SL Globe Theatre <<<

SL Globe Theatre, sLiterary is a virtual reconstruction of the Original Globe Theatre that historians conjecture stood in Shakespeare’s days. It is meticulously adapted as a functioning theatre in the massively multiuser virtual world of Second
Life. The SL Globe Theatre is the most historically accurate rendition of the Globe Theatre on the Internet. Its SL rendition is set in the confluence of 4 island simulators — thus allowing for the maximal number of local audience members.

Web preview:

SL Globe Theatre Entrances:
The 4-Sim Global theatre, sLiterary (23,13,23)
SL Globe Theatre Stage, Shakespeare (252, 250, 24)

Nov 4, 2008

AVENUE Magazine November 2008


AVENUE Partner









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