Nov 21, 2008

AVENUE uncovers IP & Identity Theft - Who is Thomas Brown?

It has come to our attention that someone in the real world by the name or alias of Thomas Brown has made false claims to be an agent of AVENUE Models and AVENUE Magazine. A Real Life clothing designer company had happened to contact us to enquire about his association with us which then gave rise to further investigation into the matter and found that Thomas Brown has been circulating the following email to real life designers (we have removed the name of the designer and their email addresses to protect their identity):

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Clothing Designers Needed For Catalogue Update.
From: “thomas brown”
Date: Wed, November 19, 2008
My name is Thomas Brown, I am a freelance agent for Avenue Models magazine company in the United States,the website of the magazine is and I currently need a Clothing Designer who is interested in collaborating with awesome models with unique and cool looks and to work with photographers who are creative and positive for the next edition of the magazine.I need a creative designer with a never ending imagination,I saw your profile while surfing the internet on Model Mayhem website, I appreciate them and I would like us to do some works together.I presently have good offer for you,the company I work for has opportunities for Clothing Designers.I want to know if you are interested in the job because I need a Clothing Designer who will design the clothing for our Models in next edition of the magazine.Please let me know if you are interested in the Job.
Thomas Brown

The alleged Thomas Brown had then followed through with a secondary email upon a response by interested designers with the following email that then redirects it to a particular Real Life magazine called Jaye Magazine.

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Details About The Job.
From: “thomas brown”
Date: Thu, November 20, 2008 7:39 am
We are happy to inform you that you are one of the few people chosen out of the screening exercise performed for us by One Clothing Designing Place, you have got the Requirement we need as a creative designer and to help design the clothing for our Models in our Jaye Magazine update( 5th – 7th Dec. 2008 issue, We here by decided as a committee to offer you this pay clothing designing job, I will be very happy if you could send me more pictures of your clothing designs. My client wants to update her Catalog with her New Year release Fashion design outfits and I’m interested in you for the professional clothing designer.
So if you are interested you can get back to me. The shooting will hold at a rented photographers studio very close to your location, which we would be responsible for your transport, feeding and accommodation allowance throughout the photo shoot, the invitation letter would be mailed to you, all make up will be taken care of in the studio.
You have the opportunity to bring along an Escort which we would handle the expenses along with your own just for you to feel comfortable throughout the shoot and your job.
You have 5 different Fashion design outfit to create for our Model, which would be provided to my client on the day of the shooting and the shoot is just for 3 days and you will be paid $1,450 for the whole project, the Job is Urgent so you are to get back to us as soon as possible so that I can arrange on how to get you the part payment. You would be paid the initial payment of $400 to guarantee your participation in the shoot, as part of our working policy and ethics ofour company, we give part payment to any client before we proceed with any job and balance immediately after the work.
As I told you earlier this project is very urgent will be taking care of your payment, accommodation and other expenses. The payment would be mailed directly to you along side with your expenses.As soon as you get the payment, you will take out your $400 and send the remaining balance to the WARDROBE STYLIST you are to work with. If you are interested kindly get back to us with your details as follows: CLOTHING DESIGNER INFORMATION.
1. Name on check:_____________________________________________2. Complete Mailing Address:_____________________________________________3 City:_____________________________________________4.State:_____________________________________________5.Zip Code:¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_____________________________________________6. Phone#:_____________________________________________
OTHER NAMES:List any stage or professional names, maiden name, aliases, or anyother name you have ever used.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I here by represent and warrant that the above information is true and correct.The names listed above include my present name and every name that I have ever used including my maiden name, alias,nickname,professional or stage name. Kindly know that P.o.Box are not applicable.
Thomas Brown

This is to state that Thomas Brown is in no way a representative of AVENUE Models or AVENUE Magazine and we have no assocation with him or Jaye Magazine and he has been sent a warning to stop this dissociation.

Any real life designers that wish to create a presence in Second Life or in AVENUE Magazine should only contact Rusch Raymaker, CEO of AVENUE Models and AVENUE Magazine at these emails :

AVENUE Models email :

AVENUE Magazine email :


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