Mar 30, 2009

AVENUE Inc. announces the ‘Suzana Blowout Skin Sale’ at LionSkins


Say Goodbye to Suzana! With a new skin on the horizon, LionSkins is making room and having a blowout sale on the Suzana Line. With over 60 makeup choices in 4 skin tones including freckles, LionSkins will be selling Suzana at a mere $120L’s per skin for a limited time only.

When the sale is over, Suzana will be gone forever, having been retired with the Zee Line. If you’re looking for a unique runway makeup collection, glamour skins, or something for every day wear, visit LionSkins’ main store before the crowds descend! The last time LionSkins ran this sale, people filled the store, so come early, come often! Don’t miss your opportunity to own some of these amazing skins for just $120L. That’s over 90% off the original price!

Help Lion and Olyvia say goodbye to this fantastic skin with style! They cannot wait to see you at the sale to help them say goodbye to a skin that has brought such love. Both Lion and Olyvia are getting ready for a brand new look in which they will continue to change the traditional definition of beauty.

Mar 28, 2009

AVENUE Magazine - Popi by Eshi Otawara


POPI designed by Eshi Otawara

POPI - A symbol of rememberance, you will never be forgotten in this dress.

AVENUE Inc. takes great pleasure to introduce another captivating creation from the design house of Eshi Otawara. Simply titled POPI, Eshi explained that her reason for naming the dress POPI instead of the English spelling of the flower poppy was that Japanese people say it this way. Eshi's homage to Japanese style is seen in her Spring/Winter collection where she has incorporated symbols from Japan into her designs creating a harmonious fusion of fashion and art.

Eshi's POPI dress is reminiscent of the Oriental Poppy with it's splendid array of salmon, pink, red, scarlet orange, deep maroon and white colors. Bee's are highly attracted to the poppy flower and never surprised at Eshi's attention to detail, included in the dress is a stunning bee ring to remind one of their place in natures cycle when wearing this creation.

As with all Eshi's designs, they transcend from her minds eye into the Metaverse as supurbly constructed pieces that fit like a jig saw puzzle and even in movement, everything remains as it should. There is no doubt that Eshi has mastered the mechanics of clothing construction for the avatar which surely means that you will never be disappointed with your purchase.

The bold poppy hat featuring an amazing veil of white netting that softens the face and creates a certain mystery is the jewel in the crown. One can only imagine what the meaning behind the needle like adornments is and I am almost too scared to ask, such is my enjoyment of making my own interpretations of Eshi's work.

In closing, POPI is impeccably constructed and is a credit to Eshi's talents. As an aside, whilst searching locations to shoot the dress, in the space of 20 minutes three people unknown to me messaged in IM to say 'WOW, I love that dress'. That says it all right there.

Written and styled by AVENUE Model, Chalice Carling.

Mar 27, 2009

AVENUE Presents :: Sebis Fashion Show


AVENUE Models would like to welcome Sebis to the Heaven’s AVENUE runway. This show will feature casual fashions from Sebis’ newest collections for both men and women.

Please read our Press Release for more information.

Sunday 29 March 2009, 11am SLT


Mar 26, 2009

Yummy Lolli!


Lolli & Star's Gems Spring 2009 Yummy Collection

When I was invited to attend the press show for Lolli Spring 2009 collection, I had no idea what to expect. Upon arrival, the first thing to catch my eye, after rezzing, was the original runway. Done up as a long waffle cone dotted with sprinkles and candies and ice cream cones arranged down the sides.

The runway was not the only thing filled with colour. As the show got under way, the models literally pranced, frolicked and twirled down the path wearing some of the most flirty and fun fashions I've seen.

Inspired by her soon to be born daughter, designer Ashen Jaerls has been able to deliver a fun and feminine line of clothing that is just funky enough to capture the young at heart.

With designs from the 'Picknic' plaid bra and panty set to the simply elegant 'Zoe', a short figure hugging dress with a flirty skirt and a dash of old and new Hollywood glam, to the 'Candied corsets'. So many of the styles perfectly suited the poses the models chose. The adorable school girl/Alice in Wonderland ensemble 'Loli' modeled by TK Wako with a cute little bounce accompanied by hearts particles. Normally I wouldn't think that was such a good idea. We all know lag is an issue. But as this was a press show, it didn't do any harm as it suited the fun of the outfit.

The Polka Dot Pin-up Sleepwear sets complete with keyhole tops, boy-shorts, bows and adjustable ruffles were a crowd pleaser. Featuring Star's Black & White Bead, Emerald City Drop of Mana and Pink Candy sets. It's worth mentioning that Ashen also has a set of men's boxers, and she promises more men's styles to be released. Yay!

A throwback to the 80's with 'Flash', a retro tank and panty set that immediately made me think of that scene. You know the one I mean. Splash! The 'Periwinkle Pinwheel' dress, strapless top with full knee length skirt was ultra feminine and was modeled to perfection by Quincee Twine with twirls worthy of any ballerina.

Featured model, Lorra Undercroft, modeled the final outfit of the evening, Lolli's
newest design 'Sabien' in a decadent red with wrap around straps and a flexi skirt that was so low... well you get the picture. Worn with Star's Red Sparkle Choker set, this is the outfit to wear to have all eyes on you.

Star Winkler's jewelry sets, chosen to match with each ensemble from the delicate pearls in white and black, the regal Garnet pendant to the more fun Candy Heart and Star sets in varying colours.

It was wonderful to attend a show that had an undercurrent of fun and I hesitate to use the word silliness because it wasn't. Not in that way. It also wasn't rigid. The models covered a range of different looks and ethnicities, the staff incredibly were friendly and professional, and the show was very well produced.

I strongly encourage you to attend the March 27th showing at 7pm slt. Check Ashen Jaerls picks for the tp info. You will be delighted, and most importantly, entertained.

Mar 21, 2009

AVENUE Magazine introduces new hair from ESHI OTAWARA



Eshi Otawara announces a new hair release, Otohime. This hair comes in black, white, silver, red, and champagne. The hair is long and flowing, with a hair knot suspended by a cylinder which contains dragon detailing from a RL painting she has done, which was also the inspiration for one of her earliest conceptualized limited edition dresses. Hanging from this cylinder is a long banded ponytail of hair that drapes the length of the hair. This hair continues the Japanese theme of her Spring Collection.

The sea dragon shown in the picture comes from a Japanese story of the God of the Sea, Ryujin, who lives in a sea palace, controls the tides, and was the father of Otohime, who was known as the beautiful “Luminous Jewel,” and was the grandmother of the first Emperor of Japan. This made the powerful Ryujin the ancestor of the whole Japanese dynasty.

GABBY - Hair

Also newly released is the Gabby Hair in black, which is Eshi's donation to the RFL. All proceeds from the sale of this short style which features feathered bangs and a pulled back section of banded hair with a hair clip will be donated to the RFL Charity.

The Otohime Hair and Gabby Hair are both available both in her Eshi Otawara store at Blumfield.

Mar 17, 2009

AVENUE Supplement March 2009


Please join AVENUE Inc. in congratulating Dark Hennesy and Steffi Villota of Freesoul Design on the devleopment of their new design label and sim, DeeTaleZ.

On the 1st of April, DeeTaleZ formally known as Freesoul Design, will open it's doors for the first time. Freesoul Design, a SL institution in quality urban and street wear since 2007, dubbed 'premium urban' by SL bloggers has proven that the SL community appreciates the style that Dark and Steffi produce and are renowned for.

Their new sim, Digital Avatar Artistry, designed to reflect the architectual style of 'Modern Zen' is based on the city of Hamburg where both designers reside.

Please enjoy the AVENUE supplement featuring an informative interview with Dark and Steffi in addition to a 'sneak peak' of their new label which only validates that cutting edge style is all in the DeeTaleZ.

Where will you be on April 1st?

Be the first to check it out when they are open by teleporting here

Mar 13, 2009

La Dolce Vita


It was a night of the sweet life, with AVENUE models showcasing SL's top Italian designers at 'La Dolce Vita' held at the First Meta II sim.

The elegant circular stage design surrounding an unusually beautiful leafless tree and sprinkled with umbrellas, set the tone for the innovative choreography as the models took their turns on the catwalk.

The 60's inspiration was quite apparent in many of the styles worn. The creations of Addoro Design, Alatiel Fashions, Anubis Style, Bolero Collection, DD Style, Diorsis Hair Design, Jador Fashion, Lady Thera and Preciosity of Style ebbed and flowed before our eyes.

Though the lag did try to rear its ugly head and would have succeeded were it not for the clever EmmZ Tzara and Kryptonia Paperdoll who led everyone in a rousing game of losing our attachments for 100L!

As the attachments fell and bald heads and toes were revealed, the lag settled and we were treated to several showings of the SPIRIT Dazzlers, their dances coordinated perfectly with the models own.

Mar 12, 2009

BAIASTICE - Spring Collection - Colors


BAIASTICE by Sissy Pessoa announces her new Spring 09 Collection ~ Colors ~ at BAIASTICE. The collection is full of multiple rich colors and tones throughout the collection, including hues of red, pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, and more, along with Baiastice's premiere color black. Solids, sequins, geometric prints, batiks, plaids and patterns present the variety that befits the BAIASTICE label.

Colors include a wide range of clothing fabrics, from delicate lace, silks and satin, to heavier brocades and leathers, along with snake and reptile textures. The emphasis is on prints and patterns, from accented blacks, to rich batiks. Details are everywhere, from leather wrist cuffs and corsets, to highly polished belts and jeweled collars. Short flirty skirts and tops, low backs, longer skirts and many casual separates present a versatile collection sure to meet the needs of any occasion.

New to the BAIASTICE Collections are the new shoes. From casual, fun print sneakers to the Couture Jewels Collection, there is a shoe for every person and every occasion. Ballerina flats and Pumps in patents to Croc round out the collection.

(Above) Ballarina Shoes in Lilac.

(Above) Jewel Shoes in Whit.

(Above) Stiletto Pump in Blue.

(Above) Flower Shoes in Red.

(Above) Chrome Shoes.

In addition, there is also a complete collection of bags for day including Lux in Croc, Leather Business, and Painted Vintage. Two bags in rich jewel tones, Le Soir and Secchielli, go easily from day to night, increasing the versatility of your accessories.

Red Lux (top left), Leather Business Brown (top right), Leather Business Purple (bottom left), Vintage Bag Green (bottom right).

BAIASTICE also has a completely new full Spring 09 ~ COLORS ~ Collection of Sunglasses in 5 models. To complete your fashion looks, they come in large or small sizes and from simple to diamond, in many colors and materials.

Day Big Black (left), Drop Black (right)

New York Blue (left), Roma Rame (right)

To finish off the Spring 09 ~COLORS ~ Collection, BAIASTICE has 3 new pairs of earrings, each scripted with 5 colors, to mix and match with all of the many dresses and separates: Earrings Glitter '80, Earrings Glitter Gem, and Earrings Pins gold & silver.

Mar 10, 2009

AVENUE Magazine March 2009


Mar 5, 2009

SuperElite presents "Casino Royale"


SuperElite Agency announces their latest show, "Casino Royale". It will be done up 007 style with some of SL's hottest models! Join SuperElite at Fashionista's Alcatraz sim and enjoy the amazing build from J&W Designs as the models share the creations of SYSY's, SF Design, and Staged.

Stage choreography by Rena Mascot, hosted by Krise Shepherd and the runway adorned with:
Mimmi Boa, Isabel Brocco, Kylie Balogh, Tiara Calvert, Lorelei Maggs, Olyvia Zenovka, Rayn Coeyman, LaBella Forcella, Rhi Rossini, Wenadrenia Soderstrom, Jens Marksman, and Rena Mascot.

Date: March 6, 2009

Time: 1pm SLT


PR Contact: Rhi Rossini

Mar 3, 2009

LA DOLCE VITA - An Italian Fashion Spectacular


AVENUE Models presents LA DOLCE VITA to the runway. A compilation of SL's finest Italian designers, both veterans and new, get together on one stage to showcase their latest collections.

La Dolce Vita, Italian for 'The Sweet Life', was hailed as the most widely seen and acclaimed European film of the 1960's, directed by Federico Fellini. Few realize that Fellini's initial inspiration for the movie was a dress created by designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Balenciaga was an innovator in his use of fabrics, is noted for contributions to the fashion industry such as the tunic dress and high-waisted baby doll dress, and his sculptural creations were considered masterworks of haute couture in the 1950's and 1960's. La Dolce Vita, reminiscent of Balenciaga's trendsetting creations, depicts the lives of Roman celebrities in the early 60's. Fellini filled the screen with vibrant colors and elegant motions giving one a feeling of sweet dreaminess.

Please join AVENUE Models as they showcase LA DOLCE VITA filling your screen with the same elegance and vibrance of SL's finest Italian collections from Addoro Design, Alatiel Fashions, Anubis Style, Bolero Collection, DD Style, Diorsis Hair Design, Jador Fashion, Lady Thera, and Preciosity of Style. This stellar fashion presentation, conceptualized by director Rusch Raymaker, AVENUE CEO, and managed by AVENUE Designer Liaison Livia Mastroianni, will be given an avant garde treatment in choreography and set design in collaboration with dance choreographer Pyper Dollinger and special appearance by the entertaining and graceful SPIRIT Dazzlers.

When: 8 March 2009 - 1pm SLT

Where: First Meta 11

For more informtion please pick up our in-world invitation.

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