Mar 26, 2009

Yummy Lolli!

Lolli & Star's Gems Spring 2009 Yummy Collection

When I was invited to attend the press show for Lolli Spring 2009 collection, I had no idea what to expect. Upon arrival, the first thing to catch my eye, after rezzing, was the original runway. Done up as a long waffle cone dotted with sprinkles and candies and ice cream cones arranged down the sides.

The runway was not the only thing filled with colour. As the show got under way, the models literally pranced, frolicked and twirled down the path wearing some of the most flirty and fun fashions I've seen.

Inspired by her soon to be born daughter, designer Ashen Jaerls has been able to deliver a fun and feminine line of clothing that is just funky enough to capture the young at heart.

With designs from the 'Picknic' plaid bra and panty set to the simply elegant 'Zoe', a short figure hugging dress with a flirty skirt and a dash of old and new Hollywood glam, to the 'Candied corsets'. So many of the styles perfectly suited the poses the models chose. The adorable school girl/Alice in Wonderland ensemble 'Loli' modeled by TK Wako with a cute little bounce accompanied by hearts particles. Normally I wouldn't think that was such a good idea. We all know lag is an issue. But as this was a press show, it didn't do any harm as it suited the fun of the outfit.

The Polka Dot Pin-up Sleepwear sets complete with keyhole tops, boy-shorts, bows and adjustable ruffles were a crowd pleaser. Featuring Star's Black & White Bead, Emerald City Drop of Mana and Pink Candy sets. It's worth mentioning that Ashen also has a set of men's boxers, and she promises more men's styles to be released. Yay!

A throwback to the 80's with 'Flash', a retro tank and panty set that immediately made me think of that scene. You know the one I mean. Splash! The 'Periwinkle Pinwheel' dress, strapless top with full knee length skirt was ultra feminine and was modeled to perfection by Quincee Twine with twirls worthy of any ballerina.

Featured model, Lorra Undercroft, modeled the final outfit of the evening, Lolli's
newest design 'Sabien' in a decadent red with wrap around straps and a flexi skirt that was so low... well you get the picture. Worn with Star's Red Sparkle Choker set, this is the outfit to wear to have all eyes on you.

Star Winkler's jewelry sets, chosen to match with each ensemble from the delicate pearls in white and black, the regal Garnet pendant to the more fun Candy Heart and Star sets in varying colours.

It was wonderful to attend a show that had an undercurrent of fun and I hesitate to use the word silliness because it wasn't. Not in that way. It also wasn't rigid. The models covered a range of different looks and ethnicities, the staff incredibly were friendly and professional, and the show was very well produced.

I strongly encourage you to attend the March 27th showing at 7pm slt. Check Ashen Jaerls picks for the tp info. You will be delighted, and most importantly, entertained.


Ashen Jaerls - Lolli Designer on March 26, 2009 at 8:40 PM said...

I would like to thank you Takeshi and Avenue Magazine, for taking the time to come out to our show. I was so surprised that you made it!

I would also like to take this oppritunity to thank a few people that helped to make Lolli what it is!

Herradura Baar, Runway Coordinator, took a young quirky girls creations and and truely took the time to understand what Lolli was about and bring it to life on the runway, as mentioned in the above article, The Yummy Collection Fashion Show, is more than a few girls walking back and forth on a catwalk it is an experience!!
Thank you so much Herra, I look forward to working with you on our next show!

Lorra Undercroft, Yummy Collection, Feature Model. If I had to chose someone to fill the role of supermodel of the year Lorra Undercroft would me my choice. Her dedication to the craft, of not only modeling but fashion in it's own right is unbelivable. Not only has she started and maintained Sizzle Magazine on her own, she still manages to take the time to help her friends, walk in some of the most prestigious shows in Second Life and keep up with her husband and children!!

Stargem Winkler, has been a dear friend of mine for sometime now and we both started designing around the same time, her passion was jewelry and mine was clothes. We've worked together to create pieces that coordinate with each other and make for very nice complete sets.
Her dedication to her craft and our friendship has brought alot of joy into my life and I want to thank her for all those nights we'd sit up late laughing and creating!

I'd also like to thank the models, who went above an beyond what they would normally be required to do. These girls walked into casting and looked so at ease on the runway, I knew I had to have them in this show!

Thank you, Tk Waco, Quincee Twine, Luralie Bailey, Darling Tomorrow, Haidyn Inglewood and Nani Wrigglesworth!!

Golightly Bolissima, Lolli Store Manager. I would like to thank Go for her support helping to set up the store and her creativity and influence in the stores atmosphere and design. She has been a great help, promoting Lolli at events and being there for the shows to welcome and take care of our guests!

Last but certianly not least, I have to thank my husband for dealing with me, not only has he put up with an already overbearing pregnant woman but he was there to help me get organized, give me business and legal advice. He is the reason I have the courage to draw and express myself in and outside of SL. He is a truely beautiful person inside and out and I would be lost without him.

Thank you all so much!
I really do love each and everyone of you!

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