Feb 28, 2009

AVENUE Models Academy - 2nd Graduation Show of 2009


More and more SL residents are looking toward AVENUE Models to represent them in this dynamic yet competitive fashion industry. Many of the top models in SL have joined the AVENUE family knowing that they will be working at the cutting edge with SL's most prestigious designers. To ensure their models are highly skilled, AVENUE Models Academy provides the most complete program in one course. Be a working model with one of the most successful modeling agencies on the grid.

Join AVENUE Models Academy trainees, Tempest Rosca, Any Noel, Leisha Nitely, Riley Troncon, Sweetest Sands and Kendall Larniar as they take to the runway in fashion wear by So Many Styles for the second graduation show of the year.

Date : 1st March 2009, Sunday

Time : 12 pm

Place : Heaven’s AVENUE @ AVENUE Models

Feb 14, 2009

AVENUE Models Academy 1st Graduation Show of 2009


So why are top models and trained models as well as new aspiring models flocking to AVENUE Models Academy to get their comprehensive training for a professional modelling career? Simply because AVENUE is known to have the most complete programme in one course with a prospective career with one of the most successful modelling agencies on the grid.

Join AVENUE Models Academy trainees, Nekki Lovenkraft, Diva Lilliehook, Hallie Larsson, Florentine Rau and Agtaope Carter as they take to the runway in casual chic fashion wear by Clothes Horse kicking off the first graduation show of the year.

Date : 15 February 2009, Sunday

Time : 12 pm

Place : Heaven’s AVENUE @ AVENUE Models

Feb 13, 2009

Internet TV show "Life On Line" goes global


SpaceJunky Partners In New TV Show!

February 14th, 2008 - Sydney, Australia – A new internet TV program, Life on Line, launches on February 15th that delves into how people spend their lives online. Life On Line, as the name suggests is about how people are increasingly spending more of their lifetime using the internet.

The TV show is the brain-child of Australian journalist Steve Cropper, creator of My-Metaverse (www.my-metaverse.com) a social network for people involved in the new media arts on the web. The producers have made this program using ‘machinima’ (machine cinema), the same technology used in popular computer games and 3D virtual worlds such as World of Warcraft and Second Life.

"We want to go deeper into how people around the world use their online time for news and entertainment, creativity, love, friendship, business, shopping, political engagement, work and play - or any other reason", said Executive Producer and host, Steve Cropper. "We also scan the internet for emerging new talent - musicians, movie makers, writers, bloggers - anyone who is contributing to the richness of digital life".

Life On Line includes a cast of seasoned bloggers, journalists and entertainers including Australian band, SpaceJunky - three people living in the US, Australia and Malaysia who collaborate, record, produce and market their music online. The line-up also boasts the Marketing Director of the Association of Virtual Worlds, Andrew Peters, of Singapore. He is also a practitioner of social networking and internet marketing campaigns. Every episode features internet news man Sigmund Leominster, a veteran blogger. The cast also includes a practicing Sydney Psychotherapist who’s online name is Dr Roman Candle. He covers a range of behavioural issues describing how people interact with each other in a virtual environment. There are guest comedians and musicians and interviews with people making news across the internet.

This program is made in the style of a popular TV chat show but Executive Producer and host, Steve Cropper has not tried to re-create Conan O'Brien or Jay Lenno. He said that his style is pacey and energetic but he's not so much of a 'wise-guy'. "I do admire these hosts. It'd be great to have that kind of horse power. But our show is more down to earth and homey. We are engaging with people sitting at their computers and whilst we aim to give viewers that big TV show 'look', we are also going for a more personal and intimate 'feel'".

In classic social media style, content for the show is driven by viewers who can join the viewers’ group and offer their thoughts and ideas for content on the program and the future direction of Life On Line .

Initially available on 17 websites across the internet, Life On Line is free to any website including private blogs and personal websites.

Information is available at www.life-on-line.tv and can also be viewed at www.spacejunky.com

The official launch will be on 14th Feb at 6.00pm sl time at SpaceJunky Island.

For more information please contact Bella Dutton

Life On Line Representative and SpaceJunky SL Publicist

Email: tanybellzd@gmail.com

One World. . .One Hope. . .Let's Relay!!!


Its that time of the year again! The American Cancer Society's signature event Relay For Life is getting underway in Second Life™

Last year residents raised over L$55,000,000! Let's work together to smash that total!

Relay for Life Teams form in February and March and they fund raise by holding events in SL from March through July.

To help in the fight, join us on Feb 14, 2009 at our Registration Pep Rally at American Cancer Society Island, 12pm slt - 2pm slt.


The new online registrations process will be explained in detail!

Each team will be assigned to a team mentor. Your mentor will contact you and introduce themselves as your team mentor.

Each team captain will be given donation kiosks and vendors that are scripted so their team gets credit for the amount collected.

The monies go from the kiosk directly into the ACS account.

We are all excited about Relay for Life in Second Life 2009!!

We are expecting more teams than last year, to raise more money than last year, and to have many more fund raising events than ever before.

Don't worry if you miss the registration day you can continue to register right up to March 14th contact MamaP Beerbaum for team registration information

It all starts on March 14 at the 2009 RFL in SL Kick Off Party.

On May 31 there will be a Midway Relay Rally, and it all culminates with the Official RFL in SL overnight Relay on July 18th & 19th, 2009.

Team members gather at their Team Campsites they have built, walk the RFL in SL Track, enjoy live music, participate in fun events, and explore the many Relay Sims as the event runs overnight and into the next morning.

In 2008, over 75 RFL SL Teams participated in the largest virtual fundraising walk in the world and this year the number will be even higher.

"Individuals who are willing to give their time and energy to this exciting event, as a volunteer or participant, have made a commitment to fight back against this disease and let the community know that you can beat cancer."

If you would like more information about Relay For Life in Second Life you can find it on the website: http://www.rflofsl.org/

If you would like to talk to someone about forming a team or have any other questions please contact MamaP Beerbaum, the RFL in SL Teams Chair, who is more than happy to talk to you.

Fighting cancer is a team effort. The strength of people coming together for a common cause is greater than the strength of one. Teams are the spirit of Relay for Life in SL!


PR contact: Dana Vanmoer

For More Information about the American Cancer Society visit www.cancer.org or Call 800-ACS-2345

Feb 6, 2009

Baiastice introduces new lines - "Secretly Lingerie Boutique" & "Donnarama Skins"


Introducing Baiastice's newest additions: "Secretly" and "Donnarama"

The creative force behind Baiastice, Sissy Pessoa, has introduced yet another facet to her thriving and dynamic design house. Two of SLife’s necessities, lingerie and skins, now have a new home at the Baiastice flagship store.

Secretly Lingerie Boutique

Secretly is Baiastice’s new Lingerie Boutique. Sissy reports she has ‘designed glamorous, sexy and even sporty lingerie for Valentine's Day and beyond, because you never know how or where your date will end’.

Secretly Lingerie Boutique

To negate those times where you are looking for that special gift for someone yet cannot transfer the items, Baiastice has created a gift card system which is just perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up.

Secretly Lingerie Boutique

As with all Sissy’s designs, color, texture and style fuse perfectly to create unique quality pieces.

Secretly Lingerie Boutique

Donnarama Skins

Baiastice’s Donnarama is a new ladies skin line. Released with 6 different skin tones ranging from precious Porcelain to delicious Dark, each of the tones comes with different eyebrow colors to suit every need. There are 20 different makeup choices available for each tone from glossy lips, to glitter eyes, artistic shadowing and Sissy’s beloved doll faces.

The tone’s are Porcelain, Pale, Peach, Sun, Tan and Dark (see below) selling for a very reasonable $750L per skin.

Donnarama skin tone range
Above - Donnarama skin tone range.

I have taken photos in the skins not having applied any post editing work apart from ‘soften’ to view them in their natural state. I am so impressed with the luminosity of the faces. Dewy and soft, Donnarama provides a diverse range of make up options for any occasion. The body shading is wonderful in my opinion particularly the areas of the clavicle, breast, stomach and spine.

Blue Dream, Cream Doll and Red Diva.
Above: Porcelain in Blue Dream, Cream Doll & Red Diva.
Pink Heart, Glitter Gold and Fuchsia Dream.
Above: Sun in Pink Heart, Glitter Gold & Fuchsia Dream.
Cherish Diva Night, Glitter Silver and Peach Heart.
Above: Dark in Cherish Diva Night, Glitter Silver & Peach Heart.

I am totally in love with Donnarama and just know they will be skins I will wear again and again. For occasions where you need fantasy in your reality, Sissy has created ten stunning Geisha skins. There is also a great selection of new shapes by ShapeUp and RR Shapes in the store. Baiastice has truly become the one-stop-shop of fashion fabulousness.

Donnarama Geisha Skin

And to reward her special Baiastice group members, Sissy will be sending them the beautiful Baiastice Donnarama Special Edition skin in Sun tone with black eyebrows.

Donnarama SKins - Shown in Dark, Sun and Porcelain.
Above: In Dark, Sun & Porcelain.

Is there a better reason to become one of the Baiastice family? I think not.

AVENUE February 2009


Feb 3, 2009

AVENUE Magazine presents Freak Showroom.



Freak Showroom starts today and is hosting avatar representations of some of Second Life's finest artists such as Cienage Soon, Loglady Loon, Colemarie Soleil, and Miabella Foxley. These artists are displaying avatars of the freaky nature, designed to challenge the way we think about art and to let us see alternative side to beauty.

As Loglady Loon states in an interview, " The research of Beauty, the obsession for Perfect Avatar. Perfect man, perfect woman. This common vision nauseates me. For this reason I tried to do the opposite process. I wanted to create a Nightmare. I've forced artists to think in opposite sense: leaning toward the Macabre. Generating the Ugly. And the most interesting thing is that this process seems to be more "palpable", more plausible, more human."

The exhibit will run for 15 days. Expect to experience a different kind of exhibit, ranging from weird to macabre, here: Freak Showroom.

AVENUE Partner









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