Jun 26, 2009

Champagne Sparkling Fashion Show


Champagne Show Flyer

AVENUE Models is proud to debut the elegant designs of CHAMPAGNE Sparkling Fashion.

Please join AVENUE Models, Florentine Rau, Tiffany Dragonash, Sally Yachvili, Haruka Kish, Tralove Pinazzo and Clyde Saunders as they introduce this debut line of designer Enzo Champagne to the runway.

Saturday, 27 June 2PM SLT

AVENUE Sky Runway

For more information please read our press release.

Jun 25, 2009

Prism Haute Showcase by AVENUE

Prism Haute Showcase by AVENUE
On June 20, AVENUE Models Kryptonia Paperdoll, Shenandoah Saintlouis, Chirzaka Vlodovic, Laurel Luminos, Nekki Lovenkraft and Tatiana Kurri, breathed life into the Sky runway with a showcase of the brilliant designs of Prism Haute Couture.

Journey McLaglen, designer and owner of Prism Haute, is an award-winning writer in real life who developed a passion for Second Life fashion, and was able to launch the Prism Haute brand a little over a year ago. AVENUE’s showcase featured a sumptuous variety of Prism’s new releases for the summer of 2009, ranging from the little cotton dress to the full glamor gown.

Shown Above- Superstar is an out-of-the-box design in an interesting combination of tweed and nylon. The silvery gray bodice fits snugly around the torso and is highlighted by a horseshoe collar with embroidered stars in dark teal. The elegant tweed trousers are accented by rich black stitching at the hips and along the seams. The masterful balancing act in this design comes in the extravagant hoop over the shoulders, adding a flair of unique glamor, and completing the symmetry of the ensemble.

Toast and Jam is inspired by the color duality of a culinary classic, and carries this clever contrast into every aspect of the design -making this outfit not just fun to wear, but a great conversation piece as well. It comes complete with stylish accents like the thick buckled belt, mitten gloves, sheer thigh-highs and matching heels.

Among the flower-inspired designs by Prism Haute Couture-
Petaloompa with the “flower skirt” is a charming cocktail dress in floral print, lavender lace ribbons, sassy puffed sleeves, and a marvel of a ballerina skirt in the shape and shade of a flower in blossom.

The bold and seductive Poppy gown is exactly that- A Poppy! In a dramatic shade of red with rich saturated hues and shimmering highlights. The long sleek stem of the bodice descends down the body in one seamless stroke, before it opens up into delicious poof of a Poppy flower below the shins.

The final crescendo by Prism Haute comes in a stunning collection of evening gowns, rich in their variety and playful in their themes. Hollywood is superbly feminine design, which instantly grabs the attention with its unusual composition of clashing colors and patterns. The black and white ladybug cups of the bustier are cleverly highlighted by the hot pink bodice below them, which then morphs into a rich sultry black with the full flared skirt. Hollywood also comes in short skirt and pants variations for more casual occasions.

The Fierce Gown, below, takes after Zebras in the wild who distract lions with a contrasting pattern of spots and stripes on their coats. The beauty of this formal gown is equally as bedazzling in its composition, and adds a wild touch to the natural grace of the female form. The entire gown is divided into a duality of stripes on one side and spots on the other. The fabric wraps around the curves from shoulder to hip like a second skin, then swells into a masterpiece of a flanked skirt with the same extended spots and stripes design. This creates a seamless fluidity and grace to this gown that can only be inspired by the impeccable style of mother nature.

Prism Haute Couture is owned by designer Journey McLaglen. The main store is located right at the heart of the Fashion District at Tampa Bay (107, 35, 22).. Here’s the SLURL

A complete photo set of this astounding collection is available at our flickr page.

Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Join the creative team at AVENUE Magazine

Avenue Mag Launch 098

Do you aspire to inspire with your creativity?

AVENUE Magazine is looking for fresh talents in our Design team - a Dynamic Creative Director to lead the design team as well as proficient and creative Graphic Designers to continue the excellence that has set AVENUE apart.

The Creative Director needs to have a keen creative eye, good knowledge and experience with print and/or web design in SL or RL. As a leader of the design team, the Creative Director needs to have good communication skills and the ability to recognise each team member's strengths.

Graphic Designers need to have the ability and experience to create exciting and creative layouts for magazine editorial, ads, logos and flyers.

Both positions would require adept skills in Photoshop and preferably InDesign and the ability to work well with deadlines.

If you think you are who we are looking for, please stop by our office at AVENUE Lobby and pick up an application form today. We thank all those in advance for applying and will expedite the application process quickly.

Jun 24, 2009

BehaviorBody: Cool New Releases

BehaviorBody: Cool New Releases

BehaviorBody Animations has just released two new and complete FUN packages for the photographically inclined fashionista- each package comes with its own prop, a generous texture bundle, and of course a set of fun poses to match!

BehaviorBody MiniRoom

BehaviorBody MiniRoom-V1.0

Room Pose1
Room Pose2

The MiniRoom package includes a cute little room (only 5 prims) to serve as a photo booth on the go, with 80 different textures that you can change with an easy menu (40 textures for the floor, and 40 textures for the walls.) The package comes with 50 unique poses that are specifically designed for wall and floor positions, along with a comfortable poser-player for maximum convenience. The room prop has an auto-update script inside the package which gives you access to newer versions as soon as they become available.

BehaviorBody Pianoforte Package

BehaviorBody-Pianoforte-Props- V1.0

Piano Pose1 Piano Pose2
The Pianoforte package comes with a sculpted piano prop (:-) which is only 14 prims, and it can be changed into eleven different colors with an easy-to-use menu... You also get 50 static poses for your piano, with an easy pose-player for your picture perfect convenience. This fun pack also comes with an auto-update script which will automatically update it with the latest version when it becomes available.

June Free Gift
And as always, BehaviorBody loves to reward its clients with awesome free gifts! This month, nine unique poses are given away at random, and another awesome surprise gift is being planned for the month of July.

BehaviorBody Animations is owned by Antosperandeo Allen and located at BAIASTICE (146, 88, 24) at this SLURL

AVENUE of Life Fashionista Auction


Artists, fashionistas, all sort of SLebrities and many curious Avatars all gathered yesterday in the dazzling setting of AVENUE's sky runway to be at the AVENUE Of Life Fashionista Auction, to give theircontribution to the American Cancer Society's RFL 2009 campaign.
Hosted by the always charming Jackson Vantelli, this glamorous event kicked off with the auction of Mischa Cuttita who despite the heavy lag managed to reach the stage and was auctioned for 7,000L$ to Frolic Mills who will enjoy her company on a shopping spree.

Yes, because unlike most charity auctions which put up clothes or jewels, AVENUE auction had a bit of a twist whereby the winning bidder wouldget two hours with the avatar who was up on the stand.

The lovely Liane Martens for instance was offering herself for two hours as personal shopper, styling assistant, shape tweaking
assistant, model mentor, model and even interior designer!

The highlight of the evening was when Vixie Rayna went up the stand and started doing a hilarious robot dance. Such an uncommon skill, coupled with her dazzling beauty must have really done the trick because she got bid for the incredible amount of 40,000L$ by Dakota Neumann.

Vixie Rayna and her robot dance

Also the charm and sense of humour of Journey McLaglen who dared the audience to a gesture war didn’t go unnoticed, as she will bestow her lovely company on the lucky Jolie Muircastle who won her for 2 hours by bidding 32,000L$. I wonder, will Journey and Jolie play like noobs for two hours and laugh lots and lots as described in her auction descrption? Or will Journey show Jolie a day in the life of a SL designer as Journey had also stated that she’d be willing to do?

The witty Journey McLaglen

As a fitting end to such a gala the wonderful host Jackson Vantelli and AVENUE’s gorgeous owner Rusch Raymaker both placed themselves on the auction block demonstrating to both be good sports for a great cause.

AVENUE's CEO, the one and only Rusch Raymaker

Host AND dancer? It's Jackson Vantelli!

Here’s the list of participants and how much they were auctioned off for:

Liane Marten sold to Aaron Barack for 7,000L$
Leah McCullough sold to Belle Lefabvre for 5,000L$
Rhonda Pennell sold to Gamp Lane for 4,000 L$
Vixie Rayna sold to Dakota Neuman for 40,000 L$
Takeshi Kiama sold to Tempest Hennesy for 6,000 L$
Journey McLaglen sold to Jolie Muircastle for 32,000 L$
Dancer Dallagio sold to Journey McLaglen for 10,000 L$
Veronica Krasner sold to Chirzaka Vlodovic for 5,000 L$
Laury Sands sold to Nichole Myhre for 5.000 L$
Sapphire Coakes sold to Sheldon Hancroft for 50,000 L$
Jesika Contempomi sold to AnnMarie McCellan for 18,000 L$
Jackson Vantelli sold to CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast for 10,000L$
Rusch Raymaker sold to Ocean Miami for 20,500 L$

During the whole event over 200,000 L$ was raised, which will go entirely to American Cancer Association. This was a great example of a successful and entertaining event created with the sole purpose of raising awareness and helping cancer research.

Jun 23, 2009

AVENUE LostAngeL Supplement

AVENUE LostAngel Supplement

AVENUE is proud to present this sizzling issue of LostAngeL Industries' latest offerings and an exclusive interview with owner and creator Evangeline Cortes.

Definitely a sexy coffee table book.

Jun 21, 2009

AVENUE Magazine June 2009 issue


Summer is in full bloom and the heat is on!

Blazing our pages are :
Cover Story Angelle Marquette from AARISS and an introduction to ‘Your Alternate Life’ (YAL)
Fashion Icon Minnu Palen of Lelutka
Boys of Summer Fashion Spread
Architectural Review : Prad Prathivi
Explore Taj Mahal
DJ of the month : Kromus Korobase

AVENUE Men of Summer


Jun 19, 2009

AVENUE of Life - Fashionista Auction

AVENUE of Life Fashonista Auction

AVENUE of Life will be hosting a Fashionista Auction on June 21st at 2 PM SLT , with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life 2009 campaign.

Need styling help? Models? or Photography? This is a chance to work with the best in the fashion biz for a great cause.

Please read our press release for more infomation.

Boudoir Secrets!

Boudoir Secrets!

In yet another stunning spectacle by AVENUE, the stage sizzled and jaws hung wide open as AVENUE models flaunted the titillating designs of Angel Dessous, Baiastice, Beauty Avatar Couture, Blacklace, DE Designs, Insolence, V Fashions, Stiletto Moody and Mika -ALL in one cabaret style extravaganza which left the Moulin Rouge looking shy by comparison..

Among the highlights- Below: Jesika is in her white Sydney ensemble by Angel Dessous; a teasing melange of innocence and eroticism, with skimpy bra and panties in frilled lace, matching garter and sheer white stockings. A bit of flamboyance is thrown into the mix with a MIKA Diamond Dancer feather fan and headpiece, along with Stiletto Moody Tie Me Ups in Red on Gold.

By contrast, Shenandoah means business in her Delice bleu by Baiastice: A sultry velvet ensemble in a striking shade of blue, with a strapless bustier, gartered panties and stockings, complimented by the MIKA Showgirl Special feather fans and a pair of Stiletto Moody Pinups.

Pyper is showing her subtle style in the Eva ensemble by Beauty Avatar; a black bra and panty ensemble in crocheted lace, with stylish seaming down the center of the see-through fabric to leave just enough for the imagination. Eva is worn perfectly with Beauty Avatar’s SHEVA skin and Moody’s Bare Greta in black.

Natasja is dangerously hot in her DE DE’votion in black and red by DE Designs- The strikingly bold red ’soutache’ (or ribbon lace) highlights the sheer fabric of the cami and the thongs, as well as the matte thigh-highs. Add to the mix- The black lace babydoll on top, with a pair of Stiletto Moody d’Orsay in Lipstick Red Patent, and the result is highly flammable!

Devine is absolutely divine in her Passionate Embrace by Blacklace: A gorgeous velvet ensemble in a vivid shade of yellow, rimmed by fine lace accents in amber and in black. It’s beautifully styled with sheer lace stockings (with the same embroidery motif) and a pair of Stilletto Moody’s (Pinup Pump) in Amber.

Shenandoah shines with a green hot glow in her Jamie ensemble in Emerald by Insolence. The silky softness of the satin fabric combined with the glossy finish in deep-green creates a mesmerizing effect. Add to that such naughty embellishments as the satin garter belt, the sheer black stockings, a pair of Moody’s tall Croc Boots, and a MIKA Diamond Dancer black feather fan with headpiece, for an unforgettable wow factor.

Poptart is equally irresistible in the Nadja in black by V-Fashion; a coy combination of demi cups and boyshorts in smoky black lace with silver accents, worn with a classic garter and sheer stockings. The finishing touches are added with a pair of Moody’s d’Orsay and a MIKA’s Carnival feather fan, and voila! She’s ready for prime time in her underwear:)

Boudoir Secrets was performed by AVENUE models: Aleida Rhode, Devine Hunt, Diva Lilliehook, Haruka Kish, Ivyana Szondi, Jesika Contepomi, Laurel Luminos, Liane Maertens, Livia Mastroianni, Natasja Schumann, Nezsy Herstein, Mavi Beck, Poptart Lilliehook, Pyper Dollinger, Shenandoah Saintlouis, Tralove Pinazzo, and Vixie Rayna.

For the complete photo set of these sexy heart-throbs, visit our flickr page.
Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Angel Dessous is owned by Nando Korobase and Gina Beaumont. The main store is located at Blue Sky (127, 22, 24) at this SLURL

Baiastice is owned by Sissy Pessoa. The main store is located at Baiastice (154, 126, 25) at this SLURL

Beauty Avatar is composed of a team of talented designers. The lingerie store is located at Beauty Avatar Couture (128, 128, 23) at this SLURL

Blacklace is owned by Mariska Simons. The Blacklace Lingerie store is located at Retrology (106, 240, 40) at this SLURL

DE Designs is owned by DoC Eldritch. The main store is located at DE Designs (97, 144, 39) at this SLURL

Insolence is owned by Camilla Yosuke. The main store is located at Venom (94, 133, 28) at this SLURL

V-Fashion is owned by VictoriaV McMillian and is located at the VictoriaV Island (124, 64, 22) at this SLURL

MIKA Burlesque, Vintage, Showgirl & Cabaret Apparel is owned by Mikaela Rasmuson. The main store is located at Venus (188, 235, 27) at this SLURL

Stiletto Moody Shoes is located at Stiletto Moody (45, 44, 35) at this SLURL

AVENUE Models Academy Graduation



Please join AVENUE Models Academy in congratulating graduates Violette Weymann, Majest Dezno, Amber Quinzet, Josef Roffo, Wicca Merlin and Mischa Cuttita to the stage this Sunday @ 12pm SLT.

Featuring the lovely designs of Alatiel Malies we hope to see everyone there cheering on our newest grads.

Directly following this show will be the AVENUE of Life Fashionista Auction.

Jun 18, 2009

Prism Haute Couture Fashion Show


Prism Haute Couture Fashion Show

AVENUE Models presents the latest designs of Prism Haute Couture by Journey McLaglen.

Please join AVENUE Models Kryptonia Paperdoll, Chirzaka Vlodovic, Laurel Luminos, Nekki Lovenkraft and Tatiana Kurri this Saturday as they take the runway at 2pm SLT.

For more information please see our press release.

Jun 13, 2009

Boudoir Secrets is BACK


Boudoir Secrets INVITE

The much anticipated and long awaited BOUDOIR SECRETS is back. AVENUE Models is so very proud to present the sexy, smoldering and spell-binding show featuring the renowned designs of Angel Dessouss, Baiastice, Beauty Avatar Couture, Blacklace, DE Designs, Insolence, V Fashions, Stiletto Moody and Mika.

Please join us this Saturday as the sultry AVENUE Models perform a mesmerizing show set in a burlesque cabaret theme. Come dressed in theme to win prizes from the designers.

Saturday 13 June 2009, 1pm SLT

AVENUE Boudoir Secrets

Check out the press release for more information.

Jun 11, 2009

Bound by Seduction with Blacklace

Be seduced by the alluring designs of Blacklace in this exclusive special produced by AVENUE Magazine. Get intimate with Blacklace Designer, Mariska Simons and the AVENUE Model beauties.

This is for your eyes only...

AVENUE Blacklace Special JUN09

Jun 9, 2009

BeReal in Second Life

BeReal in Second Life
Time for a total makeover. BeReal opened its new main store at the Fashion District with a brand new line of scrumptious male and female skins, shapes, hair, casual wear and animations all in one. And now is the perfect time to run to the store because there is a 50% off mega sale going on now!

BeReal offers a great selection of realistic, high quality, male and female skins in several gorgeous tones (and makeup combinations for the ladies.) See the Felicia & Max skins, below. All skins come in multiple tones, and the Max Skin even includes a second ‘bald’ version for that scruffy no-nonsense look.

Felicia SkinMax Skin
BeReal has a great new line of male shapes to accommodate a range of ages from teenager to adult. See the Glenn shape below and notice the perfectly sculpted abs and exquisite chest-hair detail.

Female shapes, such as Miriam; Olivia and Felicia (to name a few) celebrate the beauty of the female form with stunning realism; each shape is almost human. They come in a variety of bone structures and breast shapes, and most shapes at the store have a matching skin with the same name to make styling even easier.

Glenn Shape

BeReal hair is a good balance between trendy elegance and simple realism. The textures are rich and the color selection is down to earth with three main shades of blonde, brown and black.

Laura HairAlex Hair
Also on display at the BeReal main store is a cool and fun variety of casual & jeans wear, in solid colors, plaid, and pastels. Below, the BeReal Blouse is available in primary colors (white, black, red & blue) and it makes the perfect match to a pair of worn blue jeans. Each blouse comes with an easy-to-use ‘resize’ menu for just the perfect fit.
BeReal Blouse
The BeReal store abounds with other cool items and fun accessories: I found some fantastic unisex sneakers with criss-cross laces and unique patterns. They, too, come with an easy resize menu at an amazing price. The Store also carries gift cards and resale kits for potential affiliates. And while you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the freebies section (right before the hair isle) to pick up your huge Afro hairdo (lol:) But if your style is more Top Gun than Disco fever, the freebies section also has the perfect pair of Aviator sunglasses for you:)

BeReal Dealer Belt
BeReal is owned by Ricko Dagostino.

The new main store is located at the Fashion District, Sensation Island (91, 50, 27) at this SLURL

Jun 5, 2009

Ramona Collections Debuts New Summer Line in AVENUE Fashion Show


AVENUE is proud to unveil the latest collection from designer Ramona Planer.

Please join AVENUE Models Mimmi Boa, Sally Yachvili, Olyvia Zenovka, Cortney Prieto and Chamonix Boudreaux as they adorn the runway in the new summer debut of RAMONA COLLECTIONS.

When: Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 2pm SLT

Where: AVENUE Sky Runway

For more information please check out the press release.

Jun 4, 2009

LaRosa’s 2009 Showcase by AVENUE

LaRosa’s 2009 Showcase by AVENUE
The Sky runway had a certain groove in its gait on May 30, as AVENUE models Poptart Lilliehook, Liane Maetens, Krystanna Wycliffe, Cortney Prieto, Veronica Krasner and Salvo Waydelich strutted their stuff in LaRosa’s hippest new releases for the summer 2009.
LaRosa has been providing cutting-edge fashion at unbelievable prices for over a year in SL. And in this latest AVENUE showcase, produced by Kryptonia Paperdoll and hosted by Rusch Raymaker, the audience got a sneak peek at some of the most innovative designs in casual and formal wear -each design with its own little twist.

LaRosa Africa

Shown above- Veronica is wearing the “LaRosa Africa” -a snug little ensemble in leopard-print that cries out for the wild.. a strapless bodice paired with a hot mini skirt, and a pair of high leather boots.. It is easy to wear, fun to style, and very hard to miss on the savanna dance floor.

Equally as wild -but with a northernly flair- is Liane’s “LaRosa Europe” outfit; Shown below.. It is the perfect marriage between casual fashion and haute couture. It comes complete with matching beret, cute little neck tie, cuffs and matching espadrille.

LaRosa Europe

Salvo is ready to boogie the night away in his “Saturday Night Fever” outfit by LaRosa (lol!) A polyester chemise over dark blue denims with just the right texture.

LaRosa Saturday Night Fever

Krystanna is in a tea party mood herself, and is perfectly dressed for it with the “LaRosa Moon” ensemble; A combination of smart plaid and easy-going white, with matching cap, cuffs and high heels all in one.

LaRosa Moon

Equally as stunning is LaRosa’s cocktail and evening selection.

Below- Veronica looks poetically divine in the “LaRosa Romance”; with its tailored bodice, bare neck line and lowered sleeves in Barcelona style, a swirling peacock skirt and matching LaRosa sandals. Poptart is is equally as divine but with a touch of pizazz in her pineapple updo over the “Diamond Red” by LaRosa, which is exactly that! Layers upon layers of reflective gems strung together across the entire surface of the gown in a brilliant quilt that brings out the glow in all skin tones.

LaRosa Romance

LaRosa Diamond Red

LaRosa huge store abounds with equally amazing creations at amazing prices by designer LaRosa Kohime – in collaboration with co-designers Eisbluemel String (Urban & Streetwear), Enes Davies (Menswear) and Stari Novi (Shoe designer, shop manager and builder). Every item on sale also offers the option to buy it as a ‘transfer’ item for gift giving.

LaRosa’s main store is located at LaRosa (103, 142, 24) at this SLURL

Check out LaRosa’s blog at http://larosakohime.wordpress.com/

Photography by Tillie Ariantho
You can view the full photo set on our flickr page
Or view them as a slideshow

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