Jan 29, 2010

Love Strikes

AVENUE Magazine Valentine Special 2010

AVENUE Magazine releases a special Valentine's Day issue this February that answers all your gift needs. Whether you're buying for him or buying for her, this list is composed from some of SL's best designers and creators covers everything from the always popular jewelry, furniture, elegant gowns and suits to the sexy essentials worn underneath. Show your loved one how much you really care!

Read more about AVENUE's Love Strikes issue online.

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Jan 28, 2010


AVENUE Magazine sure has rocked us into the new big 2010 by featuring many talented creators and designers. Boe Cortes's PUNK NOIR and DOGGLOUNGE are two wonderful examples in the January issue that exhibits what to wear and where to go.

PUNK NOIR demonstrates some of the hottest men's styles for winter 2010 by featuring the latest in hair, skin, clothes and accessories created by some of SL's top designers. Boe certainly knows fashion and displays it all with a great sense of style.

The DOGGLOUNGE, the club of the month, is a contemporary southern California beach rendetion, which specializes in house music. This hot spot is definately worth checking out that's all about the music with a spectacular atmosphere.

Read more about these hot topics in the January issue of AVENUE.

January issue of AVENUE.

AVENUE Magazine January 2010

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Jan 26, 2010

2010 The Future is Now! Presented by Rezzable with AVENUE Inc. | Treet TV

Amazing interview given by Ms Angie Mornington with the crew from Rezzable & AVENUE detailing the behind the scenes of their latest fashion collaboration "2010 The Future is Now". What does that mean exactly, the future is now? Where did you feel the world would be in 2010? Get the vantage point from some of Second Life's top fashion designers as they carry this theme through their creations.

We'd like to also thank the following designers for dressing up the show host and guests.
Angie Mornington was wearing Marketa Imperiale by Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals
Rusch Raymaker was wearing Scylla Bounty Hunter by Nardya Rousselot of Nardcotix
Achariya Maktoum was wearing Mila by Mami Jewell of AZUL
Jesika Contepomi was wearing Elevator by Joy Laperriere of Magnifico

To be a part of the fun, join us Saturday at 7pm SLT at the closing party of "2010 The Future is Now". AVENUE Models will be around socializing and grabbing the guests attention in each of the designer creations.

For more information please read the official press release.

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AVENUE Magazine Valentine Special 2010

AVENUE Magazine Valentine Special 2010

Celebrate love this season with a special gift for the love of your life. AVENUE Magazine presents the Valentine Special 2010 where you can give the gift of love.

Read it on online via issuu.

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Jan 24, 2010

Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Show


AVENUE Models proudly presents the early 2010 collection of Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs.

This fabulous new collection reflects the vision and creativity of Ginevra with whimsical yet pratical designs. See you Sunday and be sure not to miss the unveiling of the new Ginevra Lancaster men's wear line.


AVENUE Sky Runway

For more information please see the Ginevra Lancaster Press Release.

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Jan 23, 2010

BabyHoney Bailey & Top 10 List

AVENUE Magazine showcases fresh fashion designs and the prevailing tastes of the creators. This month's issue offers a sneak peek behind the creative scenes by featuring BABYHONEY BAILEY and THE TOP 10 List.

BabyHoney Bailey's Djinn & Tonic goes beyond what's expected with an exceptional assortment of quailty designs in a variety of colors. Not only is she an amazing builder, she's also a fabulous fashioner. Grab a copy today to learn more about this unique individual.

The TOP 10 List features the rising stars to watch out for in 2010. Whether you're searching for clothing, jewelry, hair or just want new accessories, this article is a must read for all your avatar needs!

Read more about all of these talented creators in the January issue of AVENUE.

AVENUE Magazine January 2010

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Jan 22, 2010

AVENUE Models presents DIRAM Scandalous Collection

AVENUE Models :: DIRAM . Scandalous :: 23 Jan 2pm SLT

This is a knock-out collection of sultry and sensual designs. From sleek pant suits to sexy luscious curve hugging couture, you don't want to miss this sneak peek before it hits the floors for sale on January 30th.

The runway, built exclusively for this celebration, sets the mood and serves as an excellent example of the designer's constant creativity. Come catch the bus and be a part of the scandal!


SLURL to DIRAM Scandalous Show

For more information please see the DIRAM Scandalous Press Release.

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Jan 15, 2010

Dazzling New Year

AVENUE Magazine January 2010

Avenue Magazine dazzles into the New Year with many sparkling innovative talents featured in this month's issue. Get a sneak peak at the newest designs from two of these chic creators, Deliziosa Vendetta and Khea Karas.

Deliziosa Vendetta's Gems & Kisses, January’s cover story, is the most modern haute couture jewelry in SL. Her concepts are bold, daring and classic. These artistic designs cover everything from extravagant simplicity to extreme elegance.

Khea Karas, designer of MALT Fashions, radiates vibrant colors that attracts everyone's attention in her classy casual designs of colored jeans, chunky knit cardigans, sculpted sweaters, printed jackets and frilly blouses, just to name a few. These are definite must have collections for all wardrobes.

Read more about both these talented woman in this months issue of AVENUE.

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Jan 11, 2010

AVENUE Magazine January 2010 Issue

AVENUE Magazine January 2010

AVENUE Magazine's New Year issue features the brilliance of the artistry of Gems & Kisses, Fashion Icon Babyhoney Bailey and the top 10 young designers of 2009 to watch out for in 2010. Special feature on the first AI Bunnies in Second Life®.

Read it online via issuu.

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Menswear Fashion Week

Menswear Fashion Week

AVENUE is proud to be a sponsor of Menswear Fashion Week.

Through this week the best Mens Designs will be spotlighted with new releases and fashion shows.

Please join us on Wednesday, January 13th @ 12pm slt as our own Rusch Raymaker will be hosting an AVENUE party for MFW and live mixing.

Jan 5, 2010

Filthy Fluno: An Artist's Life in Second Life™ and Virtual Art Exhibition Opening

Filthy Fluno

A simultaneous real-life and virtual presentation will be given by artist Jeff Lipsky and his avatar, Filthy Fluno, in the virtual 3D environment Second Life™.

Jeff/Filthy will discuss his experience exhibiting, marketing and selling his artwork via the MUVE (Multiple User Virtual Environment) Second Life™. Since creating his avatar Filthy, Lipsky has participated in gallery shows from California, to New York and Portugal. The lecture will be held live in the Towson University's Center for the Arts atrium and simultaneously in the amphitheatre on the Towson Innovation Lab island in Second Life™. A virtual exhibition of Filthy Fluno’s work will open with a reception immediately following the lecture both in Second Life™ and in real life.

Filthy Fluno’s work will also be on virtual display in the Towson Innovation Lab island in the Baum Gallery.

Date : 25th March 2010

Time : 3.30pm SLT

Venue in Second Life :  Towson Innovation Lab

Jan 3, 2010



The year 2010 in Second Life® (SL) started out with the launch of the first Artificial Intelligent (AI) bunny, right after the invasion of chickens, turtles and other breeder animals. Yesterday, 2nd of January, the HunnyBunny brand released their intelligent easter bunnies at the Bunnie’s sim, in a venue built and hosted by AVENUE.


The HunnyBunny was created by Hunny Larimore, Bunny Tremor and Ina Centaur, who together, gave life to those cute creatures willing to “create a childhood fantasy for everyone”, explains Hunny.

Hunny Larimore.jpg
CEO & Co-Founder Hunny Larimore

The product can be a big success and less a problem to property owners, according to Ozzie Drucker, the sim owner and owner of The Farm, because “it has virtually no collisions, and is well scripted with hardly any impact”, he says. The party went from 12PM to 3PM SLT and started with AVENUE´s founder Rusch Raymaker spinning some house tunes and dropping hunt clues for the easter egg’s hunt. The launching event was also live painted by Filthy Fluno, in oil on canvas named BunnyPainty Mixed Reality Painting, becoming his first 2010 live art.

Live Painting by SL/RL artist Filthy Fluno

Written by Kleos Gomes
Photography by Tillie Ariantho

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