Mar 28, 2011

Artists Amongst Us - AVENUE's March Issue

Second Life can be thought of as a modern day paintbrush or canvas for artists to discover themselves, introduce their passion globally or even just a place to evolve and learn. Each month AVENUE strives to find new artists or even rediscover ones from the past. With spring just around the corner let us share with you some of the creativity that is a bloom.

"Fashionably Styled"
Designer Collection: Teresa Republic | Page 102
Written by Augusta Carver
Photography by Izzie Rexen

Helping us define fashion and accessorizing our avatars is this months designer interview with Teresa Republic. Through her creative and fashion forward store Republic Fashions, Teresa brings to new meaning to 'express yourself'.

"Fashion Boom"
GOLden Shopping Designer: Aranel Ah | Page 112
Written by Vixie Rayna
Photography by Natasja Schumann

This month AVENUE has set the spotlight on another much celebrated design house dominating the casual, summer wear and swimwear arenas of SL fashion… BOOM by Aranel Ah. Join us as we explore this minimalistic yet highly versatile fashion house and sneak a moment into the mind of the brilliant woman behind the brand.

Interesting Sims | Page 158
Written by Joie Lefavre
Photography by Ozz Larsson

Time. It is a concept that perhaps is not shared the same with every species on the planet, yet affects each one in some way or another. Constant, continuous, mysterious… it has always been there and persists infinitely. Join us as we explore the interesting sim [.XIV].

"Art by Bubo"
Artist Review: Bubo Flux | Page 218
Written by Joie Lefavre
Artwork by Bubo Flux

Bubo Flux, a real world artist who has found a way to share his work through the SL® network, is a young and upcoming graphic artist from Finland. “Art by Bubo” is his way of sharing his modern, energetic pieces with the rest of us across the world. Join AVENUE as we look into the artist and the man behind these vivid paradigms of color.

Read these articles and more in the March edition of AVENUE Magazine.

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The sYs Experience

[sYs] Xperience

The sYs Experience


April 2 . 2011

Mar 24, 2011

AVENUE Magazine Exclusive - Aimesi

AVENUE Magazine Exclusive - Aimesi

One constant fashion accessory that every resident of Second Life needs is skin. Defining our look in a way that clothing and jewelry cannot, Mea Carnell, the power house behind Aimesi, has created a fashion brand that stands out from the rest.

Join AVENUE Magazine as we get a personal look at Mea's drive for creating and how she uses it to help others not only define their look with her skins but inspire them to live a luxurious life with realistic eyes, jewelry, and her many other fashions.

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Mar 23, 2011

Raining MEN - AVENUE's March Issue

As Menswear Fashion Week is in full swing get your designer previews and current fashion trends here with AVENUE. In honor everything homme enjoy the cover feature with designer Brox Riaxik of DNA Cloning Facility to the stylings of some of SL's most notable male stylist and contributors. Never before has it rained fashion so hard for our male counterparts.

"No Man is Complete Without His DNA"
Cover Story | Page 30
Written by Sensuous Soulstar
Photography by Natasja Schumann

Nothing is more important to a man then his DNA. A man's personality his little quirks, and most importantly, his look is determined by his luck of the draw in the genetic pool. With such an important job, it only seems appropriate that Brox Riaxik labeled his amazing skin brand, DNA Cloning Facility, in honor of the basis of our genetics. Join AVENUE as we sit down with the mastermind behind this genetically labeled brand and find out how he singlehandedly gave men in SL a sexier look.

"Menswear Fashion Week Preview"
Homme | Page 40
Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Lulu Jameson
Sponsored by Menswear Fashion Week

If you haven't had a chance to check out the newest male fashions coming out of Menswear Fashion Week get over there now. But while you're waiting for tp into a full sim, flip through these pages to see how Lulu Jameson, a genius in male styling, put together some of the favorite trends coming out this week.

"Winter View"
Fashion Icon: Winter Jefferson | Page 64
Written by Imani Enzo
Photography by Ozz Larsson

"I start off with the pieces I want to feature. And then I go through my entire inventory and put things on then take them off and when my eyes stop bleeding I call it good". Winter Jefferson is no stranger to fashion, with a massive SL portfolio under his belt, the mastermind behind some of SL's most spectacular art meets fashion exhibits, it's only natural we honor him in the month of MEN.

"Sparkling Expressions"
Featured Designer: Enzo Champagne | Page 74
Written by Augusta Carver
Photography by Ozz Larsson

What is fashion? Fashion can meet a lot of things to numerous people. We have the power to embrace it head on and use it to make ourselves and others look the best they possibly can. Enzo Champagne has been doing that in SL with his designs for women and men. His journey is fueled by the love of fashion, glamour and beauty. That is why AVENUE featured designer of the month is the man behind Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, Enzo Champagne.

Read these articles and more in the March edition of AVENUE Magazine.

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Mar 17, 2011

AVENUE Magazine MWFW 2011 Exclusive

AVENUE Magazine Menswear Fashion Week 2011 Exclusive

This month continues to rain with menswear as AVENUE is proud to present the exclusive preview to the 2011 Menswear Fashion Week. With a host of male designer labels establishing a new style quotient for menswear Siren Productions brings the SL fashion community their second installation of Menswear Fashion Week.

Join the AVENUE gang with our own DJ Rusch Raymaker at the European Opening Party, Saturday March 19th at 12pm SLT.

Read it online at

Mar 13, 2011

AVENUE Magazine March 2011

AVENUE Magazine March 2011

It's raining Men this month with a full feature issue dedicated to the men of Second Life. With upcoming Menswear Fashion Week and exclusive preview coming out next week the AVENUE team has been all a buzz with the latest fashions from the grids best designers focused on our male fashionistas.

Featured this month:
Cover Story and DNA designer Brox Riaxik
Fashion Icon Winter Jefferson
Featured Designer Enzo Champagne
Menswear Fashion Week Preview from Lulu Jameson
Fashion Agenda with Menswear Fashion Week's Lexie Jansma
The Blogspot by Gabe Bookmite
Trendspotting by July Raymaker
Designer Collection with Teresa Republic
Interesting Sim [XIV]
Sports & Recreation at Corse GP
DJ of the Month Byrd Cale
Artist Review Bubo Flux
Inspirations "It's Raining Men"

Read it online at

Mar 1, 2011

Competition 101 - AVENUE's February Issue

For anyone looking to get into a competition this season, the AVENUE February issue is a must read. With interviews from finalists of SL's top competitions get to know the behind the scenes and what exactly the judges are looking for. It's so much more then just a great body....SL competitions require a memorable face, lots of talent and a massive knowledge of fashion.

"Road to Royalty"
My Precious Summer Queen | Page 104
Written by Xandrah Sciavo
Photography by Natasja Schumann

Xandrah is no stranger to the My Precious Queen contest, winner of the most recent queen title, read to see her personal interviews with the latest batch of princesses and their thoughts on the competition process.

"Couture AVENUE Look 2011"
Melanie Sautereau | Page 120
Written by Jesika Contepomi
Photography by Annough Lykin

A contest unlike the others, the Couture AVENUE contest puts ones styling chops to the test. Meet this months finalist and fierce competitor Melanie Sautereau.

"Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011"
Saleena Hax | Page 136
Written by Sensuous Soulstar
Photography by Natasja Schumann

Meet Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011, Saleena Hax. her grace, elegance, creativity and ability to make wearing the brand look effortless, made her stand out amongst a select group of fifteen finalists. Read this incredibly personal interview with Saleena and see exactly how she got to the winners seat.

Read these articles and more in the February edition of AVENUE Magazine.

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