Jun 25, 2009

Prism Haute Showcase by AVENUE

Prism Haute Showcase by AVENUE
On June 20, AVENUE Models Kryptonia Paperdoll, Shenandoah Saintlouis, Chirzaka Vlodovic, Laurel Luminos, Nekki Lovenkraft and Tatiana Kurri, breathed life into the Sky runway with a showcase of the brilliant designs of Prism Haute Couture.

Journey McLaglen, designer and owner of Prism Haute, is an award-winning writer in real life who developed a passion for Second Life fashion, and was able to launch the Prism Haute brand a little over a year ago. AVENUE’s showcase featured a sumptuous variety of Prism’s new releases for the summer of 2009, ranging from the little cotton dress to the full glamor gown.

Shown Above- Superstar is an out-of-the-box design in an interesting combination of tweed and nylon. The silvery gray bodice fits snugly around the torso and is highlighted by a horseshoe collar with embroidered stars in dark teal. The elegant tweed trousers are accented by rich black stitching at the hips and along the seams. The masterful balancing act in this design comes in the extravagant hoop over the shoulders, adding a flair of unique glamor, and completing the symmetry of the ensemble.

Toast and Jam is inspired by the color duality of a culinary classic, and carries this clever contrast into every aspect of the design -making this outfit not just fun to wear, but a great conversation piece as well. It comes complete with stylish accents like the thick buckled belt, mitten gloves, sheer thigh-highs and matching heels.

Among the flower-inspired designs by Prism Haute Couture-
Petaloompa with the “flower skirt” is a charming cocktail dress in floral print, lavender lace ribbons, sassy puffed sleeves, and a marvel of a ballerina skirt in the shape and shade of a flower in blossom.

The bold and seductive Poppy gown is exactly that- A Poppy! In a dramatic shade of red with rich saturated hues and shimmering highlights. The long sleek stem of the bodice descends down the body in one seamless stroke, before it opens up into delicious poof of a Poppy flower below the shins.

The final crescendo by Prism Haute comes in a stunning collection of evening gowns, rich in their variety and playful in their themes. Hollywood is superbly feminine design, which instantly grabs the attention with its unusual composition of clashing colors and patterns. The black and white ladybug cups of the bustier are cleverly highlighted by the hot pink bodice below them, which then morphs into a rich sultry black with the full flared skirt. Hollywood also comes in short skirt and pants variations for more casual occasions.

The Fierce Gown, below, takes after Zebras in the wild who distract lions with a contrasting pattern of spots and stripes on their coats. The beauty of this formal gown is equally as bedazzling in its composition, and adds a wild touch to the natural grace of the female form. The entire gown is divided into a duality of stripes on one side and spots on the other. The fabric wraps around the curves from shoulder to hip like a second skin, then swells into a masterpiece of a flanked skirt with the same extended spots and stripes design. This creates a seamless fluidity and grace to this gown that can only be inspired by the impeccable style of mother nature.

Prism Haute Couture is owned by designer Journey McLaglen. The main store is located right at the heart of the Fashion District at Tampa Bay (107, 35, 22).. Here’s the SLURL

A complete photo set of this astounding collection is available at our flickr page.

Photography by Tillie Ariantho


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