Jun 24, 2009

AVENUE of Life Fashionista Auction

Artists, fashionistas, all sort of SLebrities and many curious Avatars all gathered yesterday in the dazzling setting of AVENUE's sky runway to be at the AVENUE Of Life Fashionista Auction, to give theircontribution to the American Cancer Society's RFL 2009 campaign.
Hosted by the always charming Jackson Vantelli, this glamorous event kicked off with the auction of Mischa Cuttita who despite the heavy lag managed to reach the stage and was auctioned for 7,000L$ to Frolic Mills who will enjoy her company on a shopping spree.

Yes, because unlike most charity auctions which put up clothes or jewels, AVENUE auction had a bit of a twist whereby the winning bidder wouldget two hours with the avatar who was up on the stand.

The lovely Liane Martens for instance was offering herself for two hours as personal shopper, styling assistant, shape tweaking
assistant, model mentor, model and even interior designer!

The highlight of the evening was when Vixie Rayna went up the stand and started doing a hilarious robot dance. Such an uncommon skill, coupled with her dazzling beauty must have really done the trick because she got bid for the incredible amount of 40,000L$ by Dakota Neumann.

Vixie Rayna and her robot dance

Also the charm and sense of humour of Journey McLaglen who dared the audience to a gesture war didn’t go unnoticed, as she will bestow her lovely company on the lucky Jolie Muircastle who won her for 2 hours by bidding 32,000L$. I wonder, will Journey and Jolie play like noobs for two hours and laugh lots and lots as described in her auction descrption? Or will Journey show Jolie a day in the life of a SL designer as Journey had also stated that she’d be willing to do?

The witty Journey McLaglen

As a fitting end to such a gala the wonderful host Jackson Vantelli and AVENUE’s gorgeous owner Rusch Raymaker both placed themselves on the auction block demonstrating to both be good sports for a great cause.

AVENUE's CEO, the one and only Rusch Raymaker

Host AND dancer? It's Jackson Vantelli!

Here’s the list of participants and how much they were auctioned off for:

Liane Marten sold to Aaron Barack for 7,000L$
Leah McCullough sold to Belle Lefabvre for 5,000L$
Rhonda Pennell sold to Gamp Lane for 4,000 L$
Vixie Rayna sold to Dakota Neuman for 40,000 L$
Takeshi Kiama sold to Tempest Hennesy for 6,000 L$
Journey McLaglen sold to Jolie Muircastle for 32,000 L$
Dancer Dallagio sold to Journey McLaglen for 10,000 L$
Veronica Krasner sold to Chirzaka Vlodovic for 5,000 L$
Laury Sands sold to Nichole Myhre for 5.000 L$
Sapphire Coakes sold to Sheldon Hancroft for 50,000 L$
Jesika Contempomi sold to AnnMarie McCellan for 18,000 L$
Jackson Vantelli sold to CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast for 10,000L$
Rusch Raymaker sold to Ocean Miami for 20,500 L$

During the whole event over 200,000 L$ was raised, which will go entirely to American Cancer Association. This was a great example of a successful and entertaining event created with the sole purpose of raising awareness and helping cancer research.


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