Feb 6, 2009

Baiastice introduces new lines - "Secretly Lingerie Boutique" & "Donnarama Skins"


Introducing Baiastice's newest additions: "Secretly" and "Donnarama"

The creative force behind Baiastice, Sissy Pessoa, has introduced yet another facet to her thriving and dynamic design house. Two of SLife’s necessities, lingerie and skins, now have a new home at the Baiastice flagship store.

Secretly Lingerie Boutique

Secretly is Baiastice’s new Lingerie Boutique. Sissy reports she has ‘designed glamorous, sexy and even sporty lingerie for Valentine's Day and beyond, because you never know how or where your date will end’.

Secretly Lingerie Boutique

To negate those times where you are looking for that special gift for someone yet cannot transfer the items, Baiastice has created a gift card system which is just perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up.

Secretly Lingerie Boutique

As with all Sissy’s designs, color, texture and style fuse perfectly to create unique quality pieces.

Secretly Lingerie Boutique

Donnarama Skins

Baiastice’s Donnarama is a new ladies skin line. Released with 6 different skin tones ranging from precious Porcelain to delicious Dark, each of the tones comes with different eyebrow colors to suit every need. There are 20 different makeup choices available for each tone from glossy lips, to glitter eyes, artistic shadowing and Sissy’s beloved doll faces.

The tone’s are Porcelain, Pale, Peach, Sun, Tan and Dark (see below) selling for a very reasonable $750L per skin.

Donnarama skin tone range
Above - Donnarama skin tone range.

I have taken photos in the skins not having applied any post editing work apart from ‘soften’ to view them in their natural state. I am so impressed with the luminosity of the faces. Dewy and soft, Donnarama provides a diverse range of make up options for any occasion. The body shading is wonderful in my opinion particularly the areas of the clavicle, breast, stomach and spine.

Blue Dream, Cream Doll and Red Diva.
Above: Porcelain in Blue Dream, Cream Doll & Red Diva.
Pink Heart, Glitter Gold and Fuchsia Dream.
Above: Sun in Pink Heart, Glitter Gold & Fuchsia Dream.
Cherish Diva Night, Glitter Silver and Peach Heart.
Above: Dark in Cherish Diva Night, Glitter Silver & Peach Heart.

I am totally in love with Donnarama and just know they will be skins I will wear again and again. For occasions where you need fantasy in your reality, Sissy has created ten stunning Geisha skins. There is also a great selection of new shapes by ShapeUp and RR Shapes in the store. Baiastice has truly become the one-stop-shop of fashion fabulousness.

Donnarama Geisha Skin

And to reward her special Baiastice group members, Sissy will be sending them the beautiful Baiastice Donnarama Special Edition skin in Sun tone with black eyebrows.

Donnarama SKins - Shown in Dark, Sun and Porcelain.
Above: In Dark, Sun & Porcelain.

Is there a better reason to become one of the Baiastice family? I think not.


Linda on July 11, 2010 at 1:43 AM said...

It looks like amazing! wow!
Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this post so thoroughly. I look forward to future post.
There is no shortage of lingerie shops online today. Not too long ago, they were scattered in dark corners of alleys and hidden in out-of-the way places. Somehow, the Internet has validated a lot of businesses that would otherwise find themselves skirting society's boundaries.

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