Mar 30, 2009

AVENUE Inc. announces the ‘Suzana Blowout Skin Sale’ at LionSkins

Say Goodbye to Suzana! With a new skin on the horizon, LionSkins is making room and having a blowout sale on the Suzana Line. With over 60 makeup choices in 4 skin tones including freckles, LionSkins will be selling Suzana at a mere $120L’s per skin for a limited time only.

When the sale is over, Suzana will be gone forever, having been retired with the Zee Line. If you’re looking for a unique runway makeup collection, glamour skins, or something for every day wear, visit LionSkins’ main store before the crowds descend! The last time LionSkins ran this sale, people filled the store, so come early, come often! Don’t miss your opportunity to own some of these amazing skins for just $120L. That’s over 90% off the original price!

Help Lion and Olyvia say goodbye to this fantastic skin with style! They cannot wait to see you at the sale to help them say goodbye to a skin that has brought such love. Both Lion and Olyvia are getting ready for a brand new look in which they will continue to change the traditional definition of beauty.


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