Sep 10, 2009

Cosmic Vision

Cosmic Vision by Shakti Cianci
A Stretch Mayo & Moon Temple Productions Film

This music video features Shakti from the band SpaceJunky at the piano. It is from her solo piano meditation CD called "7 Tears Of Tara" by Crystal Gypsy and features a cameo by Avenue CEO Rusch Raymaker, Solange Cerveau of Solange Fashions as well as other AlphaCrew members.

The CD was inspired by a spiritual journey to Tibet in RL. Whilst there Shakti visted the cave of Tara, the goddess of Compassion and Healing. While in the cave she saw something glisten on the roof of the cave. Thinking it might be crystal she reached up to touch it. To her surprise it was a single drop of water...a tear of Tara. She touched it to her third eye as the monk said a prayer in Tibetan.

When she returned home the CD was born, the "7 Tears of Tara", being the 7 chakras of the body which correspond to 7 specific frequencies. Shakti does energy healing work in RL, and has studied various forms of energy healing including ancient Tibetan healing techniques which predate Reiki, and she uses this music in her healing work. Cosmic Vision is the piece for the 3rd eye chakra, and she hopes that this piece will bring you calmness and peace as you open to your intuition and own personal truth.


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