Jun 28, 2011

Business of Art - AVENUE's June Issue

Art is inspirational, subjective and creative...it's within us all. For the art lovers amongst us I challenge you to truly dive into this issue. There are unexplored facets of SL's Art world that are waiting to be unearthed, mediums untouched and even organizations waiting to offer you a voice.

"Philanthropy for the Metaverse"
For the Love Of: The Avatar Charitable Trust | Page 222
Written by Spruce Canning
Photography by Blaz Halfpint

In all my years on the grid, I have always been impressed by the kindness and social consciousness of residents in Second Life®. Organizations such as the American Cancer Society that has held Relay For Life events since 2005 prove that spirit wholeheartedly. Other forms of philanthropy have abounded in-world, but as of May 2011, there is an organization that provides grants and other forms of philanthropy to those who have ideas and causes that would benefit the society that SL™ has created. That organization is the Avatar Charitable Trust, which was founded by Chuk and Lillie Edman.

"Ambassadress of Machinima"
Media Mojo: Chantal Harvey | Page 238
Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks
Photography by Tillie Ariantho

This month, AVENUE Magazine is proud to interview one of Second Life® machinima’s most influential people, Chantal Harvey. One of the grid’s best machinimatographers, Harvey started out as just another avatar trying to explore and have fun in the metaverse. It was 2007, the year when Second Life was enjoying the height of their popularity. Plenty of people were intrigued by this virtual world and wanted to find out what it was like. Harvey was one of those curious enough to try SL™, She first started in this virtual world as an explorer, like many others, and was amazed by the possibilities it offered.

"Through the Looking Glass"
Featured Artist: Carthalis Rossini | Page 250
Written by Sensuous Soulstar
Photography provided by Carthalis Rossini

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what happens when that picture leaves you speechless? The short answer is that you’re probably looking at a piece of artwork created by Carthalis Rossini, and odds are it has taken your breath away. To call what he does just photography would be a tremendous understatement; he creates snapshots around the virtual grid and using his skill and masterful eye turns those into art that speaks to the masses. Rossini has managed to not only take viewers of his work on a mesmerizing visual journey, but he’s also managed to share a piece of himself through his artwork. Join AVENUE as we sit down with this month’s Featured Artist to delve a little deeper into the man, his mind, and his work.

"A Man with a Message through Art"
Arts Feature: Elie Maurice/Loup Erin | Page 260
Written by Spruce Canning
Photography by Brie Wonder

When walking through the destruction and looking at the results of human consumption and the role that commercialism plays, all displayed in the art of Elie Maurice (Loup Erin in Second Life®), one has to wonder about human society and how long we can sustain this planet until we are forced to start exploring the Moon and outer regions of the solar system. As I walked through the sim and viewed the examples of human consumption that Maurice has created, I had the pleasure of sitting down with him and finding out more about how human society had motivated him to create the stark examples that would cause humanity to rethink their lives.

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