Jan 8, 2009

Press Release - "Eshi Otawara" Limited Releases

Second Life fashion lovers are in for a special treat. The Eshi Otawara label releases three new gowns.

Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures”

"Jardin des Milles Fleures" by Eshi Otawara

Eshi Otawara announces her second Limited Edition dress, “Jardin des Milles Fleures,” under her new “Eshi Otawara” label. This dress is composed of a hoodie, bodice, and skirt is a 1000 prim outfit made up of hundreds of individual black, gold and lilac prim pieces which reinforce the floral and stem pattern painted on the sheer central panel. The 253 prim hoodie encircles the head in a gold and black coif, lined in midnight and accented by lilac entwined vines. The upper bodice continues the theme, with sheer lilac accents encircling the sleeves. The skirt contains 491 prims, with rich hues of blue, gold, and lilac continued, producing an overall effect of a living, wearable garden. A clear diamond rose topped key to the garden necklace finishes the ensemble. This incredible Eshi Otawara Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures” outfit will be for sale at Eshi’s store in Blumfield. Only 10 of the Limited Edition “Jardin des Milles Fleures” dresses will be available for purchase for L$40,000.


"Chalice - Midnight" by Eshi Otawara

Eshi will also be offering a Limited Release Edition Dress on sale through the month of January ONLY, “Chalice - Midnight.” This dress has textures of dark and light, mixing colors of midnight, blues and gold, with gentle glow emanating from the center of the skirt. The textures were originally used in a custom dress made for the Miss Virtual World pageant, but have been totally remixed into a set of 3 dresses in one. The textures were originally created to showcase the feel of the Australian desert under the night sky. In the current form, the dress can be worn as an elegant dress with a sparkled bodice that is framed with a delicate ruffle around the top, completed by Eshi original starry earrings and wrist cuff. It can also be worn as two additional looks by changing the neck pieces, adding on a chest ruffle, arm pieces, and a new blue textured bodice. Like Eshi’s Christmas and Auld Lang Syne Dresses, this set of 3 dresses in one will only be offered through the end of January 2009.


"Bengal" by Eshi Otawara

Eshi has added an additional Kegawa dress to her Winter/Spring Collection. This dress, the “Bengal,” has striped patterns of white and pale from the bodice to the trailing skirts, reflecting the power of the royal White Tiger from which it draws its inspiration. With multiple leg prim attachments, the dress can be worn long or short, so that the dress can flow and move with the wearer. The bustle at the back especially reminds one of the “floating world” of the Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings. Coordinating earrings and a necklace are included with the dress. The “Bengal” joins the “Cheetah” and “Tiger” Kegawa dresses, which represent the evening portion of Eshi’s Collection.

Codie-Bob Hair

"Codie Bob" by Eshi Otawara

Eshi has also added an additional new hair, the “Codie Bob.” This is a short chin length bob with long front bangs and flipped ends on the side. This hair will only be available in black. For her hair lines, Eshi has made several whimsical demo attachments which are transferable. They are not to be missed, and are the different demo attachments are given at random from the demo vendors. Because they are transferable, you can trade them with friends until you have collected them all.

All of the above designs, as well as discounted earlier Eshi collections upstairs, will be for sale at Eshi Otawara's Shop below:


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