Jan 27, 2009

I Wanna Be A Celebrity - PRESS RELEASE

Metaverse Broadcasting Channel (MBC), pioneers of the virtual media movement have teamed with Phaylen Fairchild, creator of Second Life's first sitcom and AVENUE Magazine to create a brand new reality series to be filmed in the virtual world of Second Life™.

The six part series takes six contestants from around the globe and pits them against one another in various skill-based challenges. Each week, the contestants will meet with a Mentor, an expert in a specific field where they will learn and develop skills which they will later be judged upon.

This is the first Virtual Reality series not based upon public votes, but solely on skill development and enthusiasm for learning. At the end of each round, the winner will receive an exclusive award and one contestant will be eliminated from the competition. Skills that will be put to the test encompass most of those specific to Second Life including building, photography, performance, avatar customization, social engagement and collaboration. Along the way, they will be aided by some of Second Life's most accomplished professional’s intent on guiding them down the path to becoming a Virtual Superstar.

At the end of the six week competition, the winner will receive a development deal with MBC, an opportunity to star in their own show where their talent will be nurtured and their work celebrated. "There are so many vastly and diversely talented people out there," Fairchild said," ... And this is an opportunity to bridge the gap between the magnificent creatives out there, and the people with the ability to give them the exposure, recognition and assistance they deserve." Robustus Hax, Metaverse CEO added, "There are so many amazing people out there operating beneath the radar due to the sheer size of our world - this effort is not us saying that some people deserve a chance to be seen and heard more so than others, this is simply a fun format in which to acknowledge the efforts and foster the Second Life skills of our resident peers in a lighthearted, immersive and entertaining medium. Hopefully we manage to enrich the Second Life experience of everyone involved while we're at it. There are no real losers here."

I WANNA BE A CELEBRITY begins airing in the spring. The first rounds of auditions, which began on January 9th and will continue until February 10th, are being held at Metaverse City and are open to everyone of every shape, size, and culture. The show will be hosted by Second Life veteran and radio personality Trinity Serpentine.

METAVERSE BROADCASTING CHANNEL has been a pioneer of New Media in Second Life since 2007, and has created several highly rated series in the Second Life platform, including MBC News, Out & About with Dousa Dragonash and other shows currently in production. MBC was the official carrier of The Second Life political debate and live streaming of the Second Life Fifth Birthday opening speeches for Linden Lab.
PHAYLEN FAIRCHILD is the creator of DiVAS, Second Life's first sitcom which began its run in 2007 and is currently in its second season. She has also organized some of Second Life's primary annual events such as Day Of Remembrance, Second Life's Fifth Birthday festivities and the in-world SLCC broadcasts. She is currently directing two more series within the platform of Second Life.AVENUE MAGAZINE, launched in October 2008, is a monthly publication that is dedicated to bringing to readers the finest facets of Second Life. With a focus on highlighting the up-and-coming and current trendsetters in fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and the arts, there is a high emphasis on entertaining and informative content. AVENUE is setting a new standard for published media in virtual worlds and beyond. AVENUE is proud to announce their position as the official magazine holding exclusive rights to report the inside news, interviews and announcements of 'I Wanna Be A Celebrity'.


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