Jul 25, 2011

Stunning Creations - AVENUE's July Issue

Do you ever stop to smell the roses? Look around you and wonder how it all came to be? Each month AVENUE takes you inside some of the most stunning creations on the grid. This month we're proud to feature both lesser known spots and the massive creativity's from those more well known.

"Anna’s Many Murders A Descent into Madness Portrayed in Second Life®"
Interesting Sims | Page 160
Written by Spruce Canning & Photography by Tillie Ariantho

There are many sims in-world; some with heavenly scenes and tranquil gardens, and then there are those that resemble a horror film, such as Dance Macabre, that would bring nightmares to even the most jaded resident of Second Life®. Bryn Oh’s Anna’s Many Murders ranks in the second category. Not only does it chronicle a young woman’s descent into insanity, it also strips away the protective cocoon that the 21st Century man has constructed for himself in the form of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices with their myriad of applications that immerse the individual into his own private world, ignoring the collective world around him. I spoke with Bryn Oh about the sim and the grim message that it sends to man, and the potential loss of humanity that having mobile technology and programs to seal one off from reality.

"D├ęcor to Fall in Love With"
Architecture & More | Page 176
Written by Augusta Carver & Photography by Brie Wonder

When I visit someone’s home in Second Life®, I almost always see something that I love; from a picture hanging on the wall, to the home itself. Renting or buying, there are way too many choices to deal with. Since my first days in-world, I have fallen in love with SL™ homes. The possibilities are endless. And for me, even though it seems overwhelming to find the right place to live or the right piece of furniture to complement a home, I can never have too many options. Buying a house or trying out furniture is like a mini SL adventure in itself. Sometimes you know what you want, other times you have no clue, but along the way you discover great textures, clean lines, and amazing details. Builder Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie Furniture fell in love with homes and building herself, and has since created a brand that delivers inspiration and amazingly realistic furniture and homes within SL.

"Running the Course with the Avatar Games"
Sports & Recreation | Page 188
Written by Sensuous Soulstar & Photography by Ozz Larsson

While Bryn Oh is a name that never needs an introduction, her latest build just might. Given the serious, profound nature of the work that she has come to be known for, the LEA Art Games, or Avatar Games as they’re commonly known, is something a little more fun, and a lot more lighthearted from the mind of Oh. Participants make their way through an obstacle course while avoiding somewhat difficult obstacles and traps, and of course, dodging shots (both literally and figuratively!) from the audience and the commentators. This month, we take a moment to catch the famed builder and creative genius to get a better idea of this exciting new form of entertainment in Second Life®, and to really figure out if the virtual bumps and bruises are all worth it in the end.

"Virtual museums: the next incarnation of architecture in Second Life®"
Business Feature | Page 198
Written by Spruce Canning & Photography by Blaz Halfpint

When one talks of architecture in Second Life®, there is one place that comes to mind and that is the Virtual Museum, formerly known as The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum. According to Rosalie Oldrich, Exceutive Director of the Virtual Museum, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation revoked the licensing agreement with the Virtual Museum in December 2010 for use of the name. The Virtual Museum is a virtual showcase of architecture from different historical periods, such as the recreation of Monticello, the home designed and built by the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, as well as building styles from the last century and even futuristic concepts by contemporary architects such as I.M. Pei and others.

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