Sep 30, 2011

Fall Revival - AVENUE's September Issue

Second Life is the home of realization, the outlet for our wildest dreams and the epitome of creation. As we enter into the most sought after fashion season of the year, AVENUE went behind the scenes of both design houses new and reborn to find out the inspirations behead this seasons creatives. Without further ado...

"Evangelista: the revival of the true supermodel"
Cover Story | Page 34
Written by Sensuous Soulstar & Photography by Annough Lykin

“The 90s were the dawn of the term ‘supermodel.’ The 80s had Gia [Carangi] and we have some now, but nothing like when we could all catch Cindy Crawford on MTV's House of Style or Style with Elisa Kentch on CNN. The 90s were the dawn of the Victoria Secret Angels, and a time when Linda Evangelista (hence the name “Evangelista”) said ‘I won't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.’ The goal of my company is not just shoes or skins, but to bring back that supermodel status when models names were as common as famous actresses’. Evangelista’s modeling schools and city replicate the supermodels’ lifestyle and era that was the decade of the supermodel. That’s what Evangelista is all about: real life fashion and being as close to a real life model as one can get.”

"Moda Elegante For The Senses"
Designer Collection | Page 102
Written by Augusta Carver & Photography by Annough Lykin

When shopping at Jador Fashion, there is an attraction to the photographs of the many gorgeous designs inside gold frames hanging along every wall. The stone pillars and huge archways that lead one through each section give the feeling of stepping right into Italy. The warm and regal atmosphere, along with the beautiful clothing are truly inspiring. Ziamela Loon, the mind behind fashion store, Jador, has found her creative niche and expresses it through each and every detail of her work. In a world where fashion moves at such a rapid pace, it makes it hard to keep up with the latest trends and styles. Yet, Ziamela does a great job of creating her own trends and continuously pushing the envelope. Recently, Ziamela spoke with AVENUE about her time in Second Life® as a fashion designer.

"House of Elegance"
Featured Designer | Page 142
Written by Augusta Carver & Photography by Miaa Rebane

Beginning Second Life® out of curiosity, Didier Rascon thought it would be like any other computer game. Little did he know that he would discover a world that opens up the possibility to do and be almost anything. Now a SL™ fashion designer, Didier’s inspiration and passion for life and fashion has helped him to create a successful clothing brand for both men and women. Looking your best and showing your own personality and style through clothing is one of the best parts of SL. House of Europe has become a great place to help residents accomplish just that.

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