Nov 29, 2011

Rejuvenation - AVENUE's November Issue

The start of any new season and especially the coming of the holiday's is a great time to take a moment, step back and really look at oneself. Before you round the corner into the new year, what can you do to make a different, no matter how small or slight, everyone can be rejuvenated by little changes. This month we introduce the Couture AVENUE Look Winners and new Faces of Couture AVENUE as well as unveil the new cover design and magazine look. These small changes we hope pass on a more enjoyable experience to our readers.

AVENUE wishes you all a very happy holiday season full of shopping and great cheer.

"Couture AVENUE Look"
Cover Story | Page 34
Written by Xandrah Sciavo
Photography by Annough Lykin

The AVENUE runway came to life with plenty of fierce competition during the last year as contestants from all over the grid competed for the opportunity to become the face of Couture AVENUE by entering the Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest. Each month, contest hopefuls submitted photograph entries displaying their stunning styles created from designs from some of Second Life®’s most talented designers. Please join AVENUE as we celebrate the selection of our two talented and charismatic winners, Diconay Boa and Harsch Sharktooth.

"Chic, from head to toe"
Fashion Icon | Page 44
Written by Augusta Carver
Photography by Miaa Rebane

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If that is true then for this girl, clothes and shoes are a close second. I have to admit that I have not always been a shoe girl in real life or in my Second Life®, but they are inching their way into my heart, heel by heel. For that I am thankful because there are some amazingly gorgeous shoes out there, and when I put them on my feet, I feel sexy from head to toe. Nardya Rousselot of the famous NX-Nardcotix brand creates beautiful high quality shoes as well as one-of-a-kind clothing.

"The man behind Belleza’s success"
Featured Designer | Page 60
Written by ShaiLi Alex
Photography by Kallisto Destiny

Belleza means beauty in Spanish and it so accurately reflects the work of Tricky Boucher and his store, Belleza Skins. With over 36,000 group members currently, Belleza Skins is one of the most successful stores in Second Life®, and a good reason is because all of their skins are amazingly realistic and people love it. “Wonderful creations come in every collection, and their skins are fantastic,” says Honey Endrizzi, one of those 36,000 fans of Belleza.

"Exquisitely BaObA"
Featured Designer | Page 72
Written, Styled and Modeled by Vixie Rayna
Photography by Brie Wonder

One stop in Petalos Clary’s BaObA hat boutique and you may think that you have died and gone to millinery heaven. The entire shop is filled with the most deliciously decadent designs one can imagine. For any serious fashionista, the urge to spend bucket loads of Lindens™ will be irresistible and you will leave poor but deliriously happy!

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